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Shoothill Images on the BHF

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The following images originated from the Warwickshire Photographic Survey, founded in 1890 by two local photographers, William Jerome Harrison and John Benjamin Stone. The Survey was formed to create a photographic record of the urban and rural landscape of Warwickshire which was undergoing rapid transformation as a result of the Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions.

Shoothill (through the Library of Birmingham) developed a facility to make a substantial number of the images digitally accessible. However, this facility is currently unavailable via the Library of Birmingham. So BHF has collected together many of the images which were previously copied to this site, so that members may still be able to view some of the collection.

Please note the images may be subject to copyright.


Links to posts holding the images. 250 links in following posts at 50 links per post
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Link to pdf index to find images (experimental)
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Park Street In 1902. Old Park House’ In Park Street Digbeth

Chapel Terrace, Warwick Street and Back of No 5 Camp Hill

6 Court Barford Street

Court 2 Camden Grove Off Camden Street

Camden Grove - Views Of Courts 1,2,6 And 7

Court 4, Lawford Street

99-101 Hospital Street

1 And 2 In Court 6, Duke Street.

Court 6, Back Of 68 - 71 Watery Lane

Court 6 Duddeston Mill Road

Court 12, Warwick Street

6 Court, William Street North

6 Court, William Street, But It Is Not The William Street North

Court 23, Hampton Street.

Reconstruction Work On Court 24, William Street.

Houses In Court 2, Rea Street.

Houses 2-6 In Court 35, Great Russell Street

Court 2, Richard Street.

Houses Behind 72-84 Dartmouth Street.

Houses 3, 4, And 5, In Court 3, Blews Street

22 Blews Street (presumably The One In The Newtown Area)

1 Court, Brewery Street, Newtown

32 - 33, Cliveland Street

No 7 Court, Camden Grove

5-10 Station Terrace, Hill St

Beak Street

12 Glover Street

No 3 In Court 5 William Street North

1-4 At The Back Of 94 Coleshill Street

23 Holland Street

21 Holland Street

16 - 17 Holland Street.

Houses 1-6 In No 3 Court, Allison Street

5-6 Fox Ct, Buck St

5-7 At Back Of 61, High Street, Bordesley

17 Crt Hospital Street

1 Court, Stafford Street

Court 18, Northwood Street.

Courts 14 And 15 At Corner Of Bordesley St And Milk St.

3 Court, Darwin Street

6 Court, Newhall Street

1 Court Lister Street.

28 Court, William Street Moorcroft Cottages

2 Berkley Street Near Gas St, Suffolk Street

Station Road In Erdington

The Old Coach Yard, Bull Street

Crescent Old Toll House

Theatre Royal Dated 1901

Galton House On Steelhouse Lane.
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Jamaica Row. The Woodman Luncheon Stores At Number 28.

Bomb Damaged Streets Not Identified 4 Images.

Bomb Damaged Streets Not Identified 4 Images.

The Chemists’s Shop (Clements) Erdington Sutton Road

81 - 85 Cambridge Street, Must Be Around The Mid/Late1970s

A Few Images Of Freeman Street.

New Vale Court On Park Street.

23 Court Off Park Street.

Deritend Library Heath Mill Lane Interior

18 19 22 Lupin Street

5 Court Lupin Street

St Johns Church, Deritend.

Hillfield Farm Hall Green

Hill Street Itself

Dr Ash’s House In Temple Row

Talbot Street, Number 30-34.

Cherry Street. It Shows Price’s Veterinary Infirmary.

At Few More Views Of Moat Lane

Colmore Circus Subway

Flowers Sellers At The Turn Of The Century.

Passage Off Spiceal Street

Staniforth St/Bagot St

Bagot Street Canning Chemical Company

Ice Cream Sellers In The Bull Ring

102, 103 And 104 Moor Street.

Moat Row, Outside The Drover's Arms.

Edmund Street Belle Vue Temperance Hotel

Congreve Street Belle Vue Temperance Hotel

Corner Of Edmund Street And Easy Row

Edward Burne Jones Was Born In Bennett's Hill.

5 Bennetts Hill Looked Like This In 1932

It's 1941 And Birmingham Folk Walking In Bennetts Hill

Freer Rd And Fentham Rd Blast Damage From Ww2 Bombing

Bombing In Miller Street Aston

Worcester Street Had Taken A Battering The Night Before In 1940

Edgbaston Street 1940 More People Stepping Over Debris

Poineer Corps Bomb Debris In John Bright Street

Highgate Rd/Queen St

New Street Times Furnishing Building

Barclays' Bank On The Corner Of Broad Street And Sheepcote Street

Barnum And Bailey Circus Parade Along Lichfield Road

Peace Gardens Hall of Memory and The Colonnade

William Street Birmingham

Bristol Street Pubs

Bristol Street

St Peter's Lych Gate In Hecarborne

Blue Coat Photographer Benjamin Stone

Potter Street From Lancaster Street.

Circus Chapel, Bradford Street.

Camden Grove - Views Of Courts 1,2,6 And 7
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Lichfield Street

Agricultural Show And Fair At Aston Lower Grounds

Men Teachers At The Blue Coat School, Harborne

Four Lady Teachers At The Blue Coat School Harborne

Governors Of The Blue Coat Schools All With Hats Except One

The Same Group That Are In The Photo In Post#330

Governors And Friends Of The Blue Coat School,

Home Guard Colmore Row

1920s And They Sit On The Chamberlain Fountain

Victorian Ladies Bull Ring. The Market Hall In The Background.

Something Had Happened Near Great Charles Street

Horse Bus On What Looks Like A Windy Day Near Station Street

New Street Station Taken From Worcester Street

Bomb Damage In Temple Row

Old Coach Yard At The Back Of Bull Street

Cabbies Shelter On Dale End. Moor Street And Dale End.

Elephants Along Lichfield Road Barnum And Bailey Circus

Swan Sign On The The Swan Hotel, High Street.

Brass Street. Courts 1 And 2

Laying Telephone Wires In Colmore Row

Court No 7, Newhall Street

Shoothill Have The Image Tagged As Willis Street.

69-71 Barr St Hockley Area

Bomb Damage At Cox's Screw Factory, Charles Henry Street, Highgate

The Parochial Rooms, Bell Lane, Erdington

The Parochial Rooms, Bell Lane, Erdington Wider View

130 To 135 Great Brook Street

Bishopsgate St

23 - 24 Rea Street West

Harts Rd And Tarry Rd

Haycroft Avenue Alum Rock

Photographic Booth At Birmingham Fair

86 - 96 Devonshire Street

Court 23, Hampton Street.

Albert Street

18 Aston Street.

Salford Bridge

Royal Artillery Gun In Smithfield

Ladywell Passage 1913

Fox Street Looking Towards Buck Street

Bomb Damaged Residential Properties

Two Shops In Bromford Lane Took A Blast In The Bombing
Swanhurst Lane A House Had Been Completely Destroyed

Mystery Unidentified House

7 To 10 Clyde Street As Some Youths Peer Out From An Entry.

Houses 16 - 23 Holland Street.

Great Brook Street Barracks

Number 8 Court, Birchall Street

Rea Street Numbers 66 - 71 Numbers 72 - 71

19, Northumberland Street
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5 - 9 Cliveland Street

778 Bristol Road Selly Oak Stan Guest's Furniture Shop

Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Near The Junction With Chapel Lane.

Manchester Street, Newtown.

95 To 99 Park Street. The Notices In The Windows Say 'Good Lodgings'.

74-80 Dartmouth Street Showing Houses In Poor Condition.

Watery Lane And What Looks Like No 6 On The Entrance

34-38 Northwood Street C1900 Carpathian Manufacturing Co.

40,42 And 44 Northwood Street

Children In The First Pic Are Poorly Dressed

Erdington Congregation Chapel

Royal Town Sign Sutton Coldfield

Erdington High Street 1938

Some Old Cottages On Erdington High Street.

Hicks Square

Electric Cables Ready To Be Laid In Dale End

Little Bow Street.

Birmingham Athletic Institute In John Bright St

A Poster/Advert On The Toll House, The Crescent, In 1932.

Number 17 Court, Brearley Street Is An Advert For 'Government Tea'

Ford Street Hockley Advert Housewives! Please Finish Travelling By 4.0 Clock'.

Warship Week On The Town Hall In 1942

Clock Face On St Agatha's Church, Stratford Road

Easy Row 'National Time Recorder Co

Broad St On A Sunny Day

George Clay Music Centre

Digbeth Police Station

11 And 12 Bishopsgate Street

Slum Housing 1 To 8 In Number 6 Court, Bartholomew Street.

1 And 2 In Court 27, Hatchett Street

Bums Puzzle

Wartime Posters (signs) Bromford Lane Erdington

Court 4, Great Colmore Street.

Scholefield Street

12-17, St James' Place,

4, 5 And 6 In Court 2, St James's Place

Elm Tree Road Stirchley At The Junction With Charlotte Road

52, 53, And 54 Stewart Street

Christ Church Date Unknown

Birmingham During 1911 Railway Strike

Court 2, Darwin Street

Wartime Hunters Vale.

No 6 Court Essington Street

Court 15, Brearley Street

Court 19 Brearley Street.

No 12 Court, Brearley Street A Notice In The Shop Window

Corporation Street Where Are The Ladies ?
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Easy Row And Edmund Street And Two Policemen Have Time To Pose

The Belle Vue Hotel Just Prior To Demolition.

Belle Vue Temperance Hotel.

Congreve Street Belle Vue Temperance Hotel.

Corner Of Edmund Street And Easy Row

Edmund Street Towards Easy Row In 1904

The 'morning After' In Argyle Street

Stylish Looking Birmingham Folk Shopping For Flowers Bull Ring

Market Scene Long Ago In The Bull Ring But One Man Looks Rather Downcast in Bull Ring !

The Corner Of Moor Street And The Bull Ring.

Weights & Measures Office

Edgbaston Street 1940 More People Stepping Over Debris

Poineer Corps Drafted In To Help Clear The Roads Of The City Ww2 Bombing

18 Court, Clarkson Street

Paradise Street Passing Bellamy & Wakefield Pharmacy

Interior Nock's Restaurant Union Passage

Bombed Bromford Lane

Bomb Damage In Ww2 Erdington. All The Women Appear To Be Wearing Fur Coats

Sign On The Wall To His Right Says '61 Crt Bell Barn Rd

A Photographer In An Old Street Pic Corporation St

42 Northwood Street Perhaps That Lady In A Dark Dress Ran Some Sort Of Business.

11 Court, Coventry Street. Wonder what was in those large sacks ?

Newtown Row in 1898

Children Walking In Front Of The Theatre Royal In The Early 1900s

Old Wharf offices second photo looking down Suffolk Street

April Morning In 1941 New Street

New Street April 1941 After A Night Of Bombing.

Bull Ring by Nelson's Statue energetic looking postman

4th Nov 1940, High Explosive Bombs Dropped On Lily Rd Yardley

Damage From Bombing On 22/11/1940 In Katie Road, Selly Oak.

Wheelers Lane In Kings Heath November 1940. 2nd Image

148 Cotterills Lane 10 April 1941

Ww2 Bomb Damage In Smallbrook Street

Bomb Damage To Flats In West Holme Off St Andrews Street.
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