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Old Birmingham Schools

Discussion in 'Schools & Schoolfriends' started by Mayfield, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Mayfield

    Mayfield Burbury Brummie

    With reference to thread concerning School Badges. I am compiling a list of obsolete Birmingham schools (schools no longer in existance). Please add the name of any school that fits the criteria. Here are some to start the list. Mabz

    Rea Street Junior/Infant
    Bloomsbury School
    Farm Street Junior/Infant
    Harry Lucas Secondary School
    Gower Street
    Lozells Girls School
    Archbishop Masterson
    Summer Lane
    Burlington Street
  2. davidfowler

    davidfowler Exiled Brummie

    Bordesley Green Technical School (now an all girls school called Bordesley Green Girls School!)
    Here's a pic of my badge from the early 60s.
  3. Frothblower

    Frothblower Lubrication In Moderation

    Morning Mab,
    My old school- Moor End Lane Erdington. Completely gone, houses there now.
  4. bob56

    bob56 knowlegable brummie

    Hi Mayfield

    My old school, Brandwood secondary modern, Kings Heath ( now a housing estate )

  5. Neville Philpott

    Neville Philpott master brummie

    And another, Silvermere Secondary modern in Sheldon..
  6. john knight

    john knight signman

    MOSELEY SCHOOL of ART-opposite the beautiful Moseley Rd. baths.
  7. gham

    gham Guest

    Best of luck, Mayfield:-
    Severn Street Council School
    Islington Senior Council School, Pigott Street
  8. Junie

    Junie master brummie


    Garrison Lane Junior/Infant.
    Ada Road Junior Mixed and Senior Boys (renamed St. Andrews and then Bordesley Village).
    Tilton Road Junior Mixed and Senior Girls Secondary Modern.

  9. maggieuk

    maggieuk The Fairybrain of Brum

    Hi Mabz
    All Saints Hockley
    Handsworth New Road
  10. beamish

    beamish master brummie

    Oakley Secondary, Small Heath.
    Dixon Road Infants and Junior, Small Heath.
    Trinity Terrace Infants and Junior, Bordesley
  11. Terry Court

    Terry Court proper brummie kid

    my old school Brandwood secodary modern sunderton rd Kings Heath
  12. sylviasayers

    sylviasayers master brummie

    More for the list:

    Aston Commercial School, Whitehead Road. My old school
    Sparkhill Commerical School
    Upper Thomas Street, Aston
  13. anniekei

    anniekei master brummie

    nelson street (old school) and st peters off broad street both ladywood and the old oratory school

    regards anne
  14. OtherHalf

    OtherHalf posher half

    Tinkers Farm ?
  15. sospiri

    sospiri Ex-pat Brummie

    Moseley Grammar School for Boys,
    Wake Green Road

    Now known as Springhill College at Moseley School (a mixed school)

  16. Robert

    Robert master brummie

    Formans rd,Yardley Grammer, Alderley Boys, Long Medow Girls, Central Grammer, Arch Bishop Grimshaw.
  17. terryb18

    terryb18 Done my bit

    Alderlea secondary modern boys school. Shard End
    Longmeadow Girls School. Shard End.

    Both now housing estates.

    Snap. posted at same time as Robert
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2009
  18. Mayfield

    Mayfield Burbury Brummie

    God, what have I done??????????? There appear to be hundreds...... mabz
  19. terryb18

    terryb18 Done my bit

    What do they say Mabz? Never volunteer.

    Never mind, it could have been worse. you could have said 'closed pubs'
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2009
  20. OtherHalf

    OtherHalf posher half

    dont worry mabz theres lots more to come I bet[​IMG]

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