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Fentham Road School


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
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Fentham Girls School, Erdington
(closed l970's-Now Education Resource Centre)

Pitman's College, Corporation Street (demolished)

I'll post badge for Fentham
Not sure about Pitman's badge- it was in shorthand I remember. This school was a high school)


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
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I don't have an actual badge for Fentham Girls School but I have the school crest same as the badge from the Centennial Reunion
Programme. The Reunion was held in Sutton Town Hall on 18th April,
2004 with 375 ex-pupils attending. Hubby, who designed the programme managed to reproduce the crest from an old faded one someone sent to us.

Austin K2

master brummie
Has anyone got any photographs of Fentham Road school , previously known as Fentham Road girls school. ?


proper brummie kid
I went Fentham Girl's mid 60's,school motto was 'Look,do and be your best'.Houses were Tudor,Stuart,Hanover and I was in Windsor.
I also remember the headmistresses Miss Vaughn and Miss Slade.
Here's a photo of the Rose Festival.School 002.jpg1964?
Is there a thread for the school or any appropriate websites?
How do we view the thumbnails?


master brummie
AMJ some of the previous thumbnails are not viewable owing to the forum being hacked some time ago. Are you on Friends Reunited as you may find some info on there,


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I remember the head mistress of Feltham School was still wearing her academic gown in the late 60’s