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Nelson Street Primary School


proper brummie kid
My first school was Nelson Street Primary and Junior school (1946-53). Then George Dixon grammar school for boys (1953-58).

Edit. Details of the school below from Britis History Online.

NELSON STREET COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Parade.(27) Nelson St. Bd. Sch. opened 1876 by Birm. Sch. Bd.(22) Accom. 800 B, G, I. Edward St. Bd. Sch. closed when it opened.(21) Fees 1d.– 3d.(22) Enlarged 1882. In 1889 nearly ⅓ children had free orders and there was difficulty in collecting some fees; all fees therefore reduced to 1d. Enlarged 1911. Bd. of Ed. demanded minor improvements in premises 1912. Summerhill Receiving Homes Sch. treated as annexe to this sch. 1921–8. Altered and reorganized 1928, 1932 for SG, JM, I. JM and I depts. united 1937. SG dept. closed 1939.(21) Accom. 1961: 12 classrooms, 3 halls.(28)

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proper brummie kid
grans cert.jpg
hello , i have this cert and have been unable to locate it there is no hebon street school on google i know it is either in aston or ladywood has any one got idea please ?