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Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished


Brummie babby
hi alan the memories eh lol, my 3 brothers all went to the boys school and us 3 girls went to longmeaow. funny enough before its closed my mother worked in the kitchens there as head cook, was such a shame to see them both go they were amazing buildings.


Burbury Brummie
Here it is folks - If you have any photographs of the schools listed please add them to the thread so that I can add them to the list. Hope your school is listed? Mabz

Birmingham Schools

The information researched refers to state controlled schools. Private and special schools are not included in this information

The Elementary Education Act 1870
The act was adopted by Birmingham in 1870 and by 1879 the Birmingham School Board had opened 24 schools throughout Birmingham. For a complete list of these schools refer to Wendy’s post #1 on the Early Schools thread.

School List
A glossary of abbreviations is listed at the back of this list.

ALBERT ROAD HIGHER ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. See Aston Higher Elementary Council Schs.

ALFRED STREET BOARD SCHOOL, Aston. Aston National Sch. (sometimes called Aston Infants' National Sch.) opened 1855 or 1856. B only by 1882. Reorganized 1882 for G and I only. Transferred to Aston Sch. Bd. as Alfred St. Bd. Sch. Became B dept. of Aston Lane Bd. Sch. 1886 and used as part of that sch. until 1921 (see Aston Hall Cty. Primary Sch.). Building used 192239 by Vicarage Rd. Council Sch.(21) and from 1953 by Manor Park Cty. Primary Sch.(28)

BURLINGTON COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Aston. (27) Burlington St. Bd. Sch. opened 1878 by Aston Sch. Bd.(22) Accom. 1,018 B, G, I.(24) Fees 1d. 3d. JM dept. in detached building opened 1888, accom. 450.(22) Main building much altered 1920, JM dept. closed 1921. JM buildings became sch. for mentally defective children. Reorganized 1930 for SG, JM, I. JM and I depts. united 1937. SG dept. became a separate sch. 1945 (see next sch.). (21) Accom. in closed Alma St. Council Sch. used 194952. Name changed 1954. Accom. 1961: 11 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

BURLINGTON GIRLS' COUNTY MODERN SCHOOL, Aston.(27) Became a separate sch. 1945 (see preceding sch.).(21) Name changed 1954.(28) N.o.b. 1961: 270.(27)

BURLINGTON STREET SCHOOLS. See Burlington Cty. Primary Sch. and Burlington Girls' Cty. Modern Sch


CROMWELL COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Nechells. (27) Cromwell St. Bd. Sch. opened 1889 by Birm. Sch. Bd. Accom. 1,080 SM, JM, I. All fees 1d. Reorganized 1891 for M, I. Reorganized 1930 for JM, I.(21) Part of building damaged by enemy action and used as civic restaurant until 1951. Depts. united 1941. Accom. 1961: 11 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

CROMWELL STREET SCHOOL. See Cromwell Cty. Primary School

DEYKIN AVENUE COUNTY MODERN SCHOOL, Witton. Deykin Avenue Council Sch. opened 1906 by Warws. C.C. Accom. 430 M, I. New dept. opened 1916 and sch. reorganized for M, JI. Altered and JI dept. closed 1933.(21) N.o.b. 1961: 270.(27)

ELKINGTON COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, New Town Row.(27) Elkington St. Bd. Sch. opened 1874 by Birm. Sch. Bd. (22) Accom. 780 B, G, I.(21) Fees 1d.3d.(22) The first 'penny bank' in a Birm. bd. sch. started here 1876.(23) In 1889 nearly ? pupils had free orders; all fees therefore reduced to 1d. Altered, practical and science rooms provided, and sch. reorganized 1931 for SB, JM, I. S dept. closed 1937: practical rooms used by neighbouring schs. and remainder used by Art and Technical Sch. from 1945. 2 depts. united 1941.(21) Name changed 1954. Accom. 1961: 11 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

ELKINGTON STREET SCHOOL. See Elkington Cty. Primary Sch.

FARM STREET COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL. Farm St. Bd. Sch. opened 1873 (23) by Birm. Sch. Bd. accom. 1,055 B, G, I. Fees 1d.3d. (22) Nearly ½ pupils had free orders 1889; all fees therefore reduced to 1d. Enlarged 1904. Bd. of Ed. demanded minor improvements 1912: 3 classes were then held in I main room. Reorganized 1930 for M, I. I dept. closed 1933. Closed 1941.(21) Part used as civic restaurant 194253, part by Dorrington Cty. Primary Sch. 19479. Reopened 1949 as JI sch. Accom. 1961: 14 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

HUTTON STREET BOARD SCHOOL. See Nechells Cty. Primary Sch.

KING EDWARD'S GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOR BOYS, ASTON, Frederick Road, Aston. Opened 1883 in building between Albert and Frederick Rds. housing twin B and G schs. Pupils came from Lower Middle Schs. in Edward St. and Gem St. (see p. 554). When G sch. moved to Handsworth 1911 (see below) B occupied whole sch. By 1952 governors experimenting with establishment of boarding sch. for 30 B at Longdon Hall, nr. Lichfield, at which every pupil in grammar sch. could spend 23 terms (Hutton, King Edw.'s Sch. 197, 199). In 1961 building of large new block on other side of Frederick Rd. planned to start 'in the near future' (ex inf. the Sec., Schs. of King Edw. the Sixth in Birm.). 150 B 1883 (Hutton, K.E.'s Sch. 197), 300 c. 1908 (V.C.H. Warws. ii. 355). N.o.b. 1961: 625.(28)


LOZELLS COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Aston.(27) Lozells St. Bd. Sch. opened 1882 by Aston Sch. Bd.(22) Accom. 1,015 B, G, I.(24) Fees 1d.3d. JM block, accom. 320, opened 1886,(22) as part of new policy of Bd. First kitchen for cookery classes in an Aston bd. sch. opened here 1886.(24) JM dept. closed c. 1915 and used as B dept., old B dept. becoming I dept. Reorganized 1931 for SG, JM, I. J and I depts. united 1938. SG dept. became a separate sch. 1945 (see next sch.). Subsidence in land was making part of buildings unsafe 1949; they were replaced by lighter ones. Accom. for 3 classes provided 1949 in Lozells St. Methodist Mission.(21) Name changed 1954. Accom. 1961: 11 classrooms, hall.(28)

LOZELLS GIRLS' COUNTY MODERN SCHOOL, Aston.(27) Lozells St. Girls' Cty. Modern Sch. became a separate sch. 1945 (see preceding sch.).(21) Accom. provided in Lozells St. Methodist Mission c. 1947, and in huts on detached site 1949, 1954. Name changed 1954.(28) N.o.b. 1961: 370.(27)

LOZELLS STREET SCHOOLS. See Lozells Cty. Primary Sch. and Lozells Girls' Cty. Modern Sch.

MANOR PARK COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Aston. Vicarage Rd. Bd. Sch. opened 1878 by Aston Sch. Bd.(22) Accom. 720 G, I.(21) Fees 1d.3d. New I dept., accom. 510, opened 1880 and old one used for B. Enlarged 1881. New JM dept. in separate block opened 1894,(22) accom. 311. Enlarged 1920. Former Alfred St. Bd. Sch., q.v., repaired and used 192232 for part of I dept. Altered and reorganized 1930 for SG, JM, I. Senior dept. became a separate sch. 1945 (see next sch.). Accom. provided 1952 for 4 classes in Lichfield Rd. Methodist Church,(21) and for a further class 1954. Former Alfred St. Bd. Sch. repaired and used for 3 classes from 1954. Name changed 1954. Accom. 1961: 10 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

MANOR PARK GIRLS' COUNTY MODERN SCHOOL, Aston.(27) Vicarage Road Girls' Cty. Modern Sch. became a separate sch. 1945 (see preceding sch.).(21) Name changed 1954.(28) N.o.b. 1961: 440.(27)

NECHELLS COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Eliot Street.(27) Hutton St. Bd. Sch. opened 1879 by Birm. Sch. Bd.(23) Accom. 1,062 B, G, I.(21) Fees 1d.3d.(22) Name changed c. 1897 to Nechells Bd. Sch. Enlarged 1898, 1925. Altered and reorganized 1930 for SM, JM, I. S dept. became a separate sch. 1945 (see next sch.).(21) Accom. in Presbyterian Church, Longacre, provided 1954. Accom. 1961: 18 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

NECHELLS COUNTY MODERN SCHOOL, Eliot Street.(27) Became a separate M Sch. 1945 (see preceding sch.). Alterations 1949.(21) N.o.b. 1961: 370.(27)

NECHELLS PARK COUNTY MODERN SCHOOL, Charles Arthur Street.(27) Charles Arthur St. Council Sch. opened 1911 by Birm. C.B.C. Accom. 600 M, I. Nechells Park Rd. Temporary Council Sch. closed on its opening. Science centre provided 1913.(1) Reorganized 1930 for SM.(21) Became a secondary modern sch. 1945. Name changed 1954. (28) N.o.b. 1961: 310.(27)

NECHELLS PARK ROAD TEMPORARY COUNCIL SCHOOL. Opened 1904 by Birm. C.B.C. in Wesleyan Sunday sch.(27) for 250 M. Closed 1911 on opening of Charles Arthur St. Council Sch. Reopened 1917 for I.(1) Bd. of Ed. considered premises very unsatisfactory. Closed 1925 on enlargement of Nechells Council Sch.(21)

ST. GEORGE'S INFANT SCHOOL, Farm Street. See St. Saviour's National Sch., Farm St.

ST. CLEMENT'S C. OF E. PRIMARY SCHOOL, High Park Street, Nechells.(27) St. Clement's Nechells National Sch. B sch. opened 1859(22) with teacher's house. Accom. c. 475,(39) including G dept. which opened 1860, taught by the master's wife. Fees 2d.4d.(22) Enlarged 1869 with grant.(21) By 1865 in 3 depts. (B, G, I).(61) Fees 1874: 2d.6d.(11) About to close 1895, owing to financial difficulties, but remained open with help from Archidiaconal Bd. of Ed.(31) Altered 1896.(21) Fees retained in B and G depts. until 1903. Bd. of Ed. demanded substantial improvements in premises 1912: in particular the playground, enlarged 1914. Accom. for 100 G provided 1913 in mission hall. Bd. of Ed. still considered premises unsatisfactory 1933. Reorganized, as a temporary expedient, for SM, JI. Damaged by enemy action 1940 and repaired 1950. Became a controlled sch. 1950. Accom. provided in church hall 19523. SM dept. closed 1953.(21) Accom. 1961: 8 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

THE PRINCE ALBERT COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Aston.(27) Albert Road Bd. Sch. opened 1881 by Aston Sch. Bd.(21) Accom. 1,102 B, G, I.(24) Fees 6d. for B and G, 2d.3d. for I. New JM block accom. 318 opened 1885.(22) Enlarged and higher grade subjects introduced 1891. Fees retained until 1918. Sometimes known as Albert Road Higher Grade Sch. Overcrowded by 1892. Bd. of Ed. demanded substantial improvements in premises 1912; they were made 1913. JM dept. closed 1913. Reorganized 1930 for SM, JM, I, and again, with alterations 1935, for JM, I. Depts. united 1940.(21) Name changed 1954. Accom. 1961: 14 classrooms, library, 2 halls.(28)ST. JAMES' ASHTED CHURCH SCHOOL, Heneage Street. Recognized by Birm. Ed. Soc. 186870; (37) probably opened after 1865.(61) Never received annual grants. H.M. Commissioner reported 1869 n.o.b. 216 B, G, nearly all under 10 yrs. old, with 1 teacher. Fees 1d.2d.(10) Probably closed soon after; certainly closed by 1894 when St. James' Ashted Church Sch., Henry St., closed.(21)

ST. JAMES' ASHTED CHURCH SCHOOL, Henry Street. Opened 1828 (29) or 1829 in 2 rooms, erected with Nat. Soc. grant of £200. This was the first grant made by the soc. to a Birmingham sch. Fees 2d.(38) N.o.b. 1830: 200 B, G.(29) The Ashted ('Ashed') Charity Sch. in 1838 had 80 B only in attendance, with 1 teacher: (36) it was restricted to B probably by 1833.(3) A.a. 1850 said to be 160 B, G.(58) Received annual grants from 1861. Enlarged 1857 and 1869; in 1869 a new I sch. was also started in a former working men's reading room (see also St. James' Ashted Church Sch., Heneage St.). By 1869 there were 3 schoolrooms and a classroom, (38) and the sch. was organized in 3 depts.(10) In 1894 the Ed. Dept. refused to recognize the sch., because premises were bad and there was no playground, and it was closed.(21)

ST. JOSEPH'S (NECHELLS) R.C. SCHOOL, Long Acre. Opened 1868 consisting of 2 schoolrooms, one over the other.(22) H.M. Commissioner reported 1869 that the premises were well built and furnished.(10) In 1872 in one dept.(22) Received annual grants from 1872.(1) Fees 1874: 1d.4d. and over ½ places free.(11) Enlarged 1878; new B dept. built 1896; I dept. enlarged 1897, 1898. Bd. of Ed. demanded minor improvements in premises 1912. Repairs made 192030. B and G depts. united 1941. Became an aided sch. 1953.(21) Accom. 1961: 9 classrooms.(28) The sch. has always been conducted by Sisters of Charity of St. Paul (see p. 404).

ST. MARY'S (ASTON BROOK) C. OF E. PRIMARY SCHOOL, Whitehouse Street and Avenue Road. St. Mary's Aston Brook (Church) Sch. opened 1860 in a leasehold schoolroom in Park Lane with 1 mistress. Fees 2d.2½d. Received annual grants from 1866. A.a. 1866: 86. G and I dept. under a mistress opened 1868 in new building adjoining church in Avenue Rd., comprising schoolroom and classroom (accom. 209) and erected with state aid. Fees 2d.6d. B dept. then said to be ¼ mile away,(22) presumably in original building.(1) 2 schoolrooms etc. added 1872; the B dept. was presumably included in the main building under this enlargement. Altered 1894. New I dept. in Whitehouse St., accom. 400, at the end of the playground, built 1899.(21, 29) By 1899 B and G depts. were united. (1) Fees in M dept. retained until 1903.(21) Became a controlled sch. 1948.(28) Reorganized 1949 for JM, I, and 2 depts. united 1953.(21) Accom. 1961: 7 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

ST. MATTHIAS' C. OF E. PRIMARY SCHOOL, Wheeler Street.(27) St. Matthias' National Sch. opened 1858 (22) with teacher's house, accom. 455 B, G and I.(21) Fees 2d.6d. New I dept. adjoining sch. built 1865,(38) accom. 93.(21) In 3 depts. 1869.(10) Enlarged 1871,(29) 1897, 1900. Bd. of Ed. demanded substantial improvements in premises 1912; alterations made 1924. Reorganized 1936 for JM, I. Depts. united 1938. Became a controlled sch. 1949. Accom. for 1 class provided 1952 in St. Matthias' Mission Hall.(21) Site of demolished church used as playground. Accom. 1961: 8 classrooms, hall.(28)

ST. MATTHIAS' INFANT NATIONAL SCHOOL, Farm Street. See St. Saviour's National School, Farm St.

ST. STEPHEN'S NATIONAL SCHOOL, New Town Row. Opened 1846 (38) adjoining church,(58) comprising 3 schoolrooms and a teacher's house and accom. 770.(30, 1, 29) In 1846 (30) and 1865 (61) there were a master, mistress, and I mistress. H.M.I. reported buildings excellent 1846 but gave varying reports on sch. itself. There was no playground 1853. Buildings apparently altered 1857.(1) Fees 1874: 2d.6d.(11) Closed early 1889.(21)

STATION ROAD SCHOOL, Aston. See Yew Tree Cty. Primary Sch.

STATION ROAD TEMPORARY BOARD SCHOOL, Aston. Opened 1893 in Mission Room, Station Rd., accom. 319 G and I.(21) Closed on opening of (Aston) Station Rd. Bd. Sch. 1894.(24)

SUMMER LANE TEMPORARY BOARD SCHOOL. New Jerusalem British (or Free) Sch. opened 1833,(36) 'upon the most improved principles', i.e. fees were not paid according to standard in the sch., which was said to prevent improvement for poorer children. Conducted in 1835 by minister (Hutton, Hist. Birm. (1835), 359). Fees 3d. (3) N.o.b. 1837: 180 B, average time spent in sch. 1½ yr.(36) Received annual grants from 1852. H.M.I. gave excellent report 1853.(1) In 1858 it stood between nos. 3 and 4 New Church St.(60) By 1865 in 2 depts. B and G.(61) B dept. transferred to Birm. Sch. Bd. 1874 as Summer Lane Temporary Bd. Sch.(23) Fees 2d. 3d.(11) Closed 1874.(23) G dept. had continued as New Jerusalem Girls' Sch., fees 2d.6d.,(11) and probably closed at same time. Summer Lane Temporary Bd. Sch. reopened in New Jerusalem Sch. buildings 1875 by Birm. Sch. Bd. for G and I.(22) Closed 1877, on opening of permanent Summer Lane Bd. Sch., q.v.(23)

TOWER ROAD TEMPORARY COUNCIL SCHOOL, Aston. Opened 1919 by Birm. C.B.C.(1) in Ellen Knox Memorial Hall, accom. 160 I. Premises considered unsatisfactory and overcrowded.(21) Closed 1925 (1) on completion of alterations at Upper Thomas St. Council Sch.(21)

UPPER THOMAS STREET COUNTY PRIMARY Aston.(27) Upper Thomas St. Bd. Sch. opened 1878 by Aston Sch. Bd.(22) Accom. 1,003 B, G, I.(24) Yates Street Bd. Sch. closed on its opening.(21) Fees 1d.3d.(22) JM dept. opened 1885 or 1886 accom. 300.(24) Altered 1898, 1925 when JM dept. closed. Reorganized 1930 for SB, JM, I. Building damaged by enemy action 1940. Senior dept. became a separate sch. 1945 (see next sch.). Accom. for 2 classes provided 1952 in Ellen Knox Memorial Hall.(21) Accom. 1961: 17 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

UPPER THOMAS STREET BOYS' COUNTY MODERN SCHOOL, Aston.(27) Became a separate sch. 1945 (see preceding sch.), accom. 440 SB. Accom. for 1 class in Aston Park Congregational Church provided 1950 (21) and for 7 classes at former Aston Hall Road Boys' Sch. 1953.(28) N.o.b. 1961: 460.(27)


VICTORIA ROAD BOARD SCHOOL, Aston. Victoria Road Wesleyan Sch. (at first sometimes called Lichfield Road Wesleyan Sch.) established 1870 in existing Sunday sch. building, with a master and mistress.(33) A.a. 1872: 162.(1) Fees 1875: 2d.1s. Apparently in 2 depts.: B, and G with I.(11) Transferred to Aston Sch. Bd. 1884 as Victoria Rd. Bd. Sch. B dept. closed 1886, G and I depts. 1890, and children transferred to Aston Lane Bd. Sch.(21)

VILLA STREET BOARD SCHOOL. Aston Villa Bd. Sch., q.v., apparently closed c. 1880 but Villa St. Bd. Sch. was apparently in existence, accom. 394, in 1885, 1890, 1892, on west side of street, between Bridge St. West and Farm St.(64)

WILLIAM COWPER COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Newtown Row. Cowper St. Bd. Sch. B and G depts. opened 1885, I dept. 1886 by Birm. Sch. Bd. in new buildings (22) accom. 1,010.(1) Fees 1d. 3d.(22) In 1889 said to contain the very poorest children since it was the last bd. sch. opened in the neighbourhood; 56 per cent. had free orders and many others in fact seldom paid their fees, which were all therefore reduced to 1d. Bd. of Ed. demanded minor improvements in premises 1912. Altered 1901, 1924. Reorganized 1931 for JM, I.(21) Name changed 1954. Accom. 1961: 13 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

YATES STREET BOARD SCHOOL, Aston. Opened 1876 by Aston Sch. Bd. in Baptist chapel, (22) for B.(1) Fees 2d.3d.(22) Majority of children said to be very ignorant and attendance for some time most irregular.(24) A.a. 1878: 157.(1) Closed 1878 on completion of Upper Thomas Street Bd. Sch.(24)

YEW TREE COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Aston.(27) Station Rd. Bd. Sch. opened 1894 by Aston Sch. Bd.(24) Accom. c. 360 M. Station Rd. Temporary Bd. Sch., q.v., closed when it opened. B and G depts. (accom. 300 each) (1) opened 1901, (22) and old building used for 495 I. Reorganized 1932 for JM, I. Accom. for 2 classes in All Saints' Mission Hall, Witton, provided 1953.(21) Name changed 1954. Accom. 1961: 14 classrooms, 2 halls.(28)

Where the numbers of pupils are not available, the extent of accommodation has been given. Average attendance figures from 1869 relate to the school year, which often ran from the middle of one calendar year to the middle of the next. The date given here is always that of the second year.

(For example: a.a. 1907: 543 means that the average attendance for July 1906 July 1907 was 543)

Average attendance figures for years before 1869 are not always reliable and should be taken as a rough, and possibly rather exaggerated, estimate.

A.a. Average attendance.
Accom. Accommodation, accommodation for, accommodate, accommodating.
B Boys, Boys.
Bd. Board.
Birm. Birmingham.
Cath. Catholic.
C.B.C. County Borough Council.
C.C. County Council.
C. of E. Church of England.
Cttee. Committee.
Cty. County.
Dept. Department.
Ed. Education.
G Girls, Girls'.
H.M. Commissioner Her (or His) Majesty's Commissioner.
H.M.I. Her (or His) Majesty's Inspector.
I Infants, Infants'.
J Junior, Juniors.
JB Junior Boys.
JG Junior Girls.
JI Juniors and Infants (i.e. boys and girls up to 11 yrs. old in one dept.).
JM Junior Mixed (i.e. boys and girls 7-11 years old in one dept.).
L.E.A. Local Education Authority.
M Mixed (i.e. boys and girls together in one dept.).
MI Mixed and Infants (i.e. boys and girls of all ages together in one dept.).
M. of Ed. Ministry of Education.
Nat. National.
N.o.b. Numbers (of pupils) on books.
P.E.S. Public Elementary School.
R.C. Roman Catholic.
S Senior.
SB Senior Boys.
Sch. School.
SG Senior Girls.
SM Senior Mixed (i.e. senior boys and girls together in one dept.).
Soc. Society.
U.D.C. Urban District Council.



master brummie
I am attaching a form which unfortunately is not very good which was for my dad, it seems to say for elementary education/employment of labour of a young person under the age of 16. Perhaps someone has more information on this as some of the answers written dont apply to the questions asked and is unfortunately not dated.


Staff member
oops sorry mabz this is lozells infants and juniors...my mistake...

Edit. Unfortunately the photo has been lost.
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Staff member
here you go mabz...lozells girls school....1968

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Super Moderator
Staff member
Slade (Road) Secondary Boys school, move to Fentham Road to become, Erdington Boys School, now gone and built on.
Fentham (Road) Girls School, not sure what they do there, some sort of day centre
I recall a St Gabriel’s catholic school, think it was Princip Street B4 or Price Street B4


Super Moderator
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At Stockland Green there was a group of 3 schools all on the same site. These were:

Stockland Green Bi-lateral School
Marsh Hill Girls Grammar Technical School
Marsh Hill Boys. Grammar Technical School

I know Marsh Hill Girls became a 6th form college ( Josiah Mason ? Possibly)