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Rosary School


master brummie

The Rosary School in Saltley was run by the Marist Brothers (an order of Catholic Priests) but that didn't open until the 1930's. The records of all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Birmingham are kept at St Chads Cathedral.

Hope this helps.



master brummie
Hello Saxon. I was Christened at the Rosary RC Church in August 1933 and later went to that school. we were taught by Nuns and they wore[what I call] Wings [the large white head gear]. I remember my brother saying he remembered a Brother Louis and a Brother Casemere [whom he didn't like]. He started sch. there in about 1936/37 and remembers a Mr.. Saunders. He also remembers A canning of 6 off Bro. Louis and then the Bro. saying 'sorry'. Isn't it strange how one word starts off the memory.



master brummie
I went to the Rosary school but left when I was eight. I cannot recall a uniform or colour. Miriam.