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King Edwards Grammar School Camp Hill



I recently came across this photo of a class of girls said to be in the Birmingham area.
The photo is of Class 11 in 1949,50. It would be interesting to find out where it was and who the girlsSchool.JPG are.

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Hi All,

This was obviously a girls grammar school as it was only the grammar schools that wore full uniform at that time. My guess is either Handsworth or King Edwards, Camp Hill.

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Thought both those schools were boys only. Too posh for my area as they could afford uniforms and it looks like ivy on the walls.


master brummie
Thought both those schools were boys only. Too posh for my area as they could afford uniforms and it looks like ivy on the walls.[/QUOTE

It wasn't King Edwards Grammar School Handsworth - this was a girls only school.

perhaps it was King Edwards Camp Hill which had separate single sex schools.

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1947- 1952


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Could it be Erdington Grammar for girls, although I don't remember there being any greenery on the walls when i was there 1953-1958.

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The other Grammar school in Handsworth was a boys only but not part of the King Edward Foundation.


master brummie
The headmistress of King Edwards Camp Hill School for Girls in 1949-50 was Miss Mandeville. In fact, she was headmistress between 1943 and 1962. The photograph in #1 shows two ladies. One could be the form/class mistress and the other the headmistress. A picture of Miss Mandeville is attached. There is some, only some, resemblance to the lady sitting on the viewer's right.

The School's new headmistress, Miss Muriel Mandeville, had already joined the school on the retirement of the long-serving and very appropriately named Miss Keen after 30 years. Under the new leadership of Miss Mandeville (1943-1962), the school was brought back together although great problems had to be overcome, with war damaged buildings, planning for the new school, and a rapid increase in school numbers.
The years between 1943 and the move to a new school in 1958 saw increasing overcrowding and the appropriation of more space for school use.
Numbers grew from just 340 girls in 1943 to 550 in 1957 but the waiting ended in 1958 when the move to the present school site in Kings Heath, Birmingham, took place.
During her almost 20 years as headmistress, the school had owed much to her guidance.

Miss Muriel Mandeville


Kentish Brummie
Evacuated boys and girls from Camp Hill during WW2. Viv.

The missing text from the caption is:
"......K E School, Camp Hill, who have been evacuated, yesterday attended a Founder's Day service at St. Mary's Church, Warwick, when the preacher ......"


master brummie
Founder's Day for King Edward VI Grammar School Camp Hill was always on the 12th October (or the nearest Monday if at the week-end). Hence the "yesterday" in the 13th October edition of the newspaper cutting in #8. This date commemorated the fact that the founder, Edward VI, was born on 12th October 1537. When I was at Camp Hill (1954-61) we always had the day off on Founder's Day and I don't remember there being an actual church service. Maybe a service would have been more relevant during WW2 especially if you had been evacuated from Birmingham. Dave.


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A school photograph at KEGS Camp Hill for Boys was taken every two years. It involved the whole school of over 600 boys and approximately 30 staff. A panoramic camera was used which would slowly scan the group and resulted in a photograph 3 feet wide and 8 inches high. A portion of the central part of the photograph for 1956 (sixty-two years ago this month) is shown. I forget some of the names of the Masters but here goes: From left to right: 1, forget; 2, Epsley; 3, forget; 4, Budd; 5, Drysdale: 6, Bates; 7, Tom Rogers (Headmaster); 8, Hollingsworth; 9, forget; 10, Brown; 11, Fryer; 12, Dai Thomas; 13, forget; 14, Saunders/Sanders. Dave.


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master brummie
I started there in 1961 until 68. I recognise some of the masters in the photograph who were still there when I started. Bill Drysdale, took us for English, "Polly" Bates (Deputy Head), No 10 was that Harry Brown the Woodwork teacher? Dai Thomas left the year before I started but his son was in my year. Geoff (?) Saunders, history. Our Headmaster was Alan Cholmondely.


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The school photograph shown in #10 (May 1956) was the last to be taken at the Camp Hill site. In September 1956 the school moved to new buildings at Kings Heath.
I will be adding two more sections of the panoramic photo to order to include all the teaching staff.
Photo 2. Left of Headmaster as viewed.
A), the lady, forgot; B), Swindon; C), Marsden; D), Gillard; E), Doubleday; F), forgot; G), Ridsdale?; H), Dr. Kober; I), Stan Law as seen in photo 1. Dave.


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master brummie
Photo 3 of KEGS Camp Hill photograph. Looking right of Headmaster as viewed.
J), Sanders, also seen in Photo 1; K), Hunt; L), Appleby; M), forgot; N), forgot; O), Reverend Brooks; and P), James.


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master brummie
Can't add to your list of names for photo 2 and 3 I think M) took German which I never took. Yours truly on 3! Confirm that G) is Jim Ridsdale
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Would the female be Mrs Downing, the school secretary? Appleby, would that be Tony Appleby, art master used to run the Printing Soc.?
I vaguely recall Jim Risdale, was he Maths? Dennis Marsden, great guy, got me through my French 'O' levels.


master brummie
I thought I would complete the 1956 photograph by adding the rest of the pupils. Photos 4 and 5 are to the left of the Headmaster as viewed. Photo 5 is at the extreme left. I'm in this one. The faded portion of Photo 5 was on the original. Dave.


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master brummie
And finally Photos 6 and 7 which are to the right of the Headmaster as viewed, Photo 7 being on the extreme right.


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