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Recent content by brummie60

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    Fellows Family 19th century burials

    Hi Kev my mother's surname was Fellows and also know her family originated from Dudley..I have a few certificates that I will have a look and see what information they give,i dont have access to any burial records unfortunately. Steve
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    Cathy Come Home Film

    Hi Lyn I looked the other night and it was on Amazon at the price I mentioned,it would be good if you can see your grandparents pub. Steve
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    Cathy Come Home Film

    Hi have seen it for sale on amazon for under 6 pound plus delivery,unless you spend over 10 pounds, then delivery is free, according to the website. Steve
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    Summer Lane

    Hi Lyn great photo of Summer Lane..do you have any of Vicarage Road? Steve
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    carl chinn's Brum and Brummies

    Hi I have four copies of Carl Chinns Brum and Brummies in very good condition for sale 20pound or nearest offer for the set..a great read and full of Birmingham's history.
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    Golden Lion Cannon Hill

    good luck with your fight to save the Golden Lion,Lyn..its disgraceful that has been left to fall in to rack and ruin.
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    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    I have watched the first 2 episodes and think the drama has been very good so far,The accents aren't bad but I do seem to hear a bit of scouse coming through now and again,Overall I think its been good for the city that we have a decent drama based here,roll on part 3!
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    'The Gangs of Birmingham' - (The Peaky Blinders)

    Re: the peaky blinders I'm looking forward to it,the write up was excellent.
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    Hi I watched all 5 episodes and generally thought it was quite a good programme.Some of the accents were debatable,the storylines were predictable but overall enjoyed the series,nice to see parts of Brum on tv,will be interesting to see if another series will be commissioned in the future.
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    Courtyards and yards of brum

    superb photos,so evocative of how people used to live,more please!!
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    Evacuee from Burbury St School

    We stood talking her for ages and her memory was superb,she also told me she was a member of the local history and there was a possibility that the local school may still have some registers etc, but the primary school reception were less than helpful,but I will contact the history group and see...
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    Witton Square

    thanks, jennyann I will have to go and have a look
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    Thanks for the search,were there a michael and john who were both born on august 2nd,1945 i think.
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    Hi I am looking for relatives of Arthur Fellows born in Birmingham 1904 and his wife Lillian ADAMS born 1903/04 also in Birmingham,any help would be appreciated.
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    Vicarage Road.

    Hi I used to live on Vicarage Road from 1960 till 1971,and remember the old police station and the junior school which i attended,I lived in East Terrace,near Victoria Road,I read on the forum there was a map of some courtyards along there,can anybody tell me how to access them.