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Recent content by Brenda

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    Sun Street

    My father, Joe Young born 1921 (also known as Alfie in his younger days) lived at 2/18 Sun Street ( and I think that he was born there too so the midwife mentioned probably helped!) and had 2 brothers.....William ("Bill") and Charles Thomas (known as "Charlie") Young who were both older than...
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    Greys Department Store

    It was still the same in 1963-5 when I worked at Grey's.
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    Greys Department Store

    The old lifts were worked by disabled people when I worked at Grey's 1963-1965 and one such person was a Mr Cragg who had a daughter named Linda who worked in the offices. She looked very similar to me and people got us muddled up. We both went out SEPARATELY in the dinner hour on Fridays with...
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    Sutton Coldfield

    Has anyone a photo of the old house named Falcon Lodge which was demolished to way way for the council houses at Falcon Lodge, Sutton Coldfield please?
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    Riland Bedford High School for Girls and Boys.

    Hi Linda, Jennifer and Lesley Senior lived just a few yards away from me when I was at the school. They lived in Darnel Hurst Rd and I was in Edwards Road, Four Oaks and could see their house from my bedroom window. I remember those teachers you mentioned including Miss Jessica Hewlett. When...
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    Riland Bedford High School for Girls and Boys.

    Re: Riland Bedford High School for Girls Hi Linda, I do not remember your name from Riland Bedford but guess that I have a photograph of you! Were you on the very wide one that was taken (possibly 1962) outside in the playground? All girls were on that as were the teachers. Which teachers did...
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    Greys Department Store

    Thank you for putting these photographs on the forum. I used to work there 1963-1965 in the 5th floor offices. Its great to be able to see them again. I was very sad when it was demolished. Stead and Simpson shoe shop was along at the left of Grey's aswell as a Lyons tea house where I could get...
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    Hockley Pubs

    Hi Lyn, Can you remember anything about what it looked like inside please? Any snippets of information would be welcome. I presume its now been demolished, am I correct?
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    Hockley Pubs

    Thank you very much for this photo of the Lord Byron. Someone put it on here sometime ago after I made some enquiries as I had been led to believe until then that it was in Newhall Street. My Great Grandmother, Charlotte Annie Edith Talbot (nee Poole) was born here. Her parents were Richard...
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    Sutton Park

    We were there on Tuesday, went in at Boldmere Gate, saw the cows and surrounding area and then back out through Boldmere. Wish we could still drive all the way round it like we used to when I lived in Boldmere, Four Oaks and Reddicap areas of Sutton.
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    heathmill lane

    Thanks for these photos. A lady who I used to know in the 70s lived there as a child. Her name then was Diana Landis and she appeared on stage at theatres and at the one that used to be up New St towards the Town Hall, I think it was called The Royal which went long, long ago. Her father...
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    Big Top 1959

    I didn't know about the passage but do know that the old shop had those very old fashioned lifts with criss- cross "gateways" instead of solid doors. Grey's had some of those too aswell as the Otis lifts with silver doors aswell as lift attendants.
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    Birmingham Cinemas

    Who remembers the Apollo on Tyburn Rd, Erdington which was more or less opposite the Norton pub and Maidens shop? A block of shops stands there now.
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    Apollo Cinema Erdington

    Anyone remember the Apollo cinema which was just over the road from the Norton pub? I went to see Rock Around The Clock there which starred Bill Hayley, plus other films that I can't remember. It was demolished to make way for the block of shops.
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    The Norton Inn Erdington

    I used to live just up the road from the Norton but never went in it as I was only 10 years old then!