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Apollo Cinema Erdington


master brummie
Anyone remember the Apollo cinema which was just over the road from the Norton pub? I went to see Rock Around The Clock there which starred Bill Hayley, plus other films that I can't remember. It was demolished to make way for the block of shops.


Lubrication In Moderation
Yes that is where the Apollo was. You would have been standing on the Norton carpark.
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Fantastic photo's of Tyburn Road, sadly hardly recognisable.


proper brummie kid
Lovely photograph of the Apollo. I left B'ham in '67, but then and now refer to that area of shops as "the Apollo". By the way, the bus will be a 66 or possibly a 66J. I used to catch it home twice a day, dinner time and home time, after school. Oh the joy of running along as it left the stop and leaping onto the platform -"Just made it!" gasping for breath and giving the conductor the fare, "penny child's please"


proper brummie kid
Re the Apollo, I recall reading an article, probably in the 1970's, in a Sunday magazine about the Apollo. Apparantly the projectionist managed to save a few items from the Cinema before it was demolished. A few seats, curtains, bill boards, posters, that sort of thing. He re-erected them in his garden shed and made it in to a mini picture house. At weekends he would put on a film show for his friends. He lived in Erdington somewhere. I wonder what happened to him and his Picture Shed?
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knowlegable brummie
It's a good job Richie posted the atricle with the map, for the life of me I could not work out where it was.


master brummie
big gee, schweppes works was just over the canel bridge on the right hand side, by the drome cafe on kingsbury road, right opposite the cincinattie. that was back in 1976, when i worked at the cincinattie. i think that dupont then took over the scheppes works, hope this helps, sidwho

Big Gee

master brummie
Hi Sidwho,

For some reason my original post's disappeared! I know where Schweppes was all right - I spent 3 rotten months working there! I was pretty sure it was no longer Schweppes, though.




master brummie
I remember going to the Apollo to watch the film of the coronation.I was a puoil at Gunter Road school at the time.Although I lived in Shard End I was picked up by coach and taken to school