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Where was your first holiday?


master brummie
Never went on holidays when I lived in Brum. School trips from MSA were the closest I came...
Dave A


master brummie
I was one of the nuisances who were travel sick and often ended up sitting by the coach door ready for a quick exit. It wasn’t until I started Driving coaches as part of my job as a PSV mechanic that the sickness stopped. I used to love doing the Friday overnight trips to South Devon, even though it was a demanding journey, and finally got my wish to live in Torquay.


master brummie
Where was your first holiday? I just don't remember. I was born in 1940, my siblings post war so too young to help. There were anti invasion defences on the strand, there was a four funnel liner in the Solent, I remember being so confused by the word "quay", sea sick on a boat trip around the Isle of Wight, red squirrels. Ryde IOW perhaps?