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Perry Common Erdington

Mr B

Brummie babby
No house work done today. Or cases packed. (Away for a week) and i can tell you ITS ALL YOUR FAULT.
That link you sent me re the maps is FANTASTIC. Hours later and a few battery re charges later and I'm in the dog house.
I've gone through all the different types of maps. Different dates. And all the areas of interest to me. What an eye opener.
Always had a fascination for what went before and I'm up to speed with this area now.
Also looked at the Jag plant in Castle Brom. (Worked there 21 years now) and could tell you some stories that probably 99% of the work force dont know about. Not whats there now. But whats below it. Deep below. WW2 stuff. (Nothing to do with cars)
Coleshill Hall. There's been a few of them now. The Guy Fawkes gun powder plot link. And the mental hospital. My play ground as a child. Father Hudsons homes also in coleshill. My mom worked there for about 30 years. All these places of interest to me i can peel back time layer by layer and see how things have changed and understand why place and street names are what they are due to what was there before. So once again oldMohawk. Thank you very much.
What do you think? Chocolates or flowers?....
For Mrs B?....


master brummie
Mr B,
When you come back from holiday have a look at the Castle Bromwich threads on here, loads of stuff about building Spitfires and Lancasters. My dad worked there in WW2.
Hope you and Mrs B have a nice holiday.

Old Acsonian

Brummie babby
Hi Everyone
Does anyone know whether there was a fairground at the above I have a marriage cert for George Godfrey and Kathleen McAllister married in1946 Her father was Henry a showman I cant find trace of them anywhere
There is a fair on perry common road most years
I don't know about Perry Common but there was a fair that came to Kingstanding every year and that is not very far away. We loved it when all the American soldiers were about because if they won anything on the side shows, they gave it to the kids that were hanging about. I gained a lovely cup with roses all round the top. I loved the swing boats, but my brother used to scare the wits out of me by going too high.