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Hare and Hounds, Kingstanding


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Very possibly Mike. Pity though, I'd like to think they came from or were connected to a particular building or activity. Like the H&H ones Viv.


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Below ar emaps c 1884, c1904 and c 1937 with red arrow at junction of Plumstead Road and Dulwich Grove. As you can see the only nearby buildings are Warren Farm and the infection diseases hospital. Depending on which part of Plumstaed Road, I would think it would come from one of those


  • map c 1883 around Plumstead Road.jpg
    map c 1883 around Plumstead Road.jpg
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  • map c 1904 around Plumstead Road.jpg
    map c 1904 around Plumstead Road.jpg
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  • map c 1937 around Plumstead Road.jpg
    map c 1937 around Plumstead Road.jpg
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People who smoked would have several clay pipes. They would use them for a week or so, then burry then in the garden for a couple of weeks. The earth would freshen the pipes up again.


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mike my brothers house would be in between warren farm and the hospital but not directly on the land of either so i guess the pipes he found were just random...had a word with him and the ones hes found were incomplete...they had no bowls to them..

thanks mort thats good info..i didnt know that...


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Isn't it usually the other way around? Don't people mostly find pipe bowls but not the stems? Perhaps that tells us something. Viv.


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I used to find the majority of the pipe pieces around the edges of the bowling green but there were others scattered all around the large gardens. I'm talking about hundreds of different pipe bowls and stems, with some of the bowls being quite ornate and some shaped like faces. I never found a full in tact pipe but I did find a good few almost perfect in tact bowls if that's the right name of them.

I've uploaded an image I found on Pinterest below as an example, it's not my image but these pipes are very similar to what we found.
I used to think they must have been from early members of the bowls club but I don't actually know when the bowling green first came into existence.


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Bump.. :joy: I've been watching this for a while now, and a few weeks ago I noticed the gates had no lock on them, so today I went and had a nose after work!


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thanks for the updated photos son (tom)..how very dare you go mooching without me lol...on a serious note i am wondering just how long this pub will sit lanquishing for as i would imagine that even if we could get inside it must be in a very dangerous state by now...also be interesting to find out when it is eventually demolished if they find the underground tunnel that i was told about that leads from the pub to the fielded area out the back.. re post 107 i cant be certain about this but i think it could be council property but would need to be checked out


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Looking back a few posts I saw the ones regarding the clay pipes. The problem with them is that they were easily broken and there for not much use afterwards, but they were usually cheap to buy. There were many designs and styles, the more intricate, the more expensive. They gave a cool smoke and were a favourite in many country pubs. The briar pipe could often be repaired if the stem broke or even a new stem purchased.
Don't overlook the clay pipe children bought for blowing bubbles. :D


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Urban exploring is in the family then? :) Probably not too difficult to get inside, but with no roof for a considerable period of time and umpteen rainstorms since the fire, the floors, if there are any left, must now be in a pretty precarious state. There's probably little if anything worth preserving. Hence the risk of serious damage to one's person is most likely not worth taking.



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yes maurice our tom is certainly following in my footsteps..he is always on the lookout for anything of interest..i reckon the reason i did not get invited to this photo shoot was because he cant trust me not to try and get inside like i used to do lol...bit more careful now though... getting too old to take chances:rolleyes::)


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The Hare and Hounds was my family’s local in the 60’s and 70’s. My Grandad Cal Marshall ran the football club there. Shame it’s now a derelict wreck.


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My friend used to live by the bus stop (number 357 I think) just up the road and we often had a couple op pints in the Hare & Hounds in the 70s. He used to call it the spew and bucket, but then it seemed a decent pub.


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sad to say the pub is in an even worse state now...it really should have been demolished after the fire



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Surprised it’s been left like that Lyn. Must be dangerous. If memory serves the previous pub on the site would have been there before the 1930s municipal development of Kingstanding. With the old cottages next door, and sitting in amongst farmland, it would have been a welcome stopping off point for travellers along Holly Lane (Kingstanding Road) and for quenching the thirst of farm workers on their way home. The pub and the cottages would have been a little isolated community.

Seems so sad that, despite this being a later pub, a reminder of the site’s history has literally gone up in smoke. It was certainly a landmark of my childhood and now it just looks so dreadful. Expect it won’t be replaced by a pub. Viv.


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same as the kingstanding pub at the circle viv...fire damaged a few months back but they have now demolished the roof for safety...rest of the pub still standing...dont know if it still stands but the plan for the hare and hounds land was to build housing but ran up against public opinion...no idea how things stand now though



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If you were at the H&H until 1982 Marc you must have been living there when I had a memorable visit to the pub. My aunt and nan (originally from Birmingham) came over to visit us from the USA. It must have been about 1974. My aunt, my nan, my mum, and I all went for a drink in the H&H together before my aunt and nan went back to the States. My nan commented about how remarkable it was that, sitting around the table, were 4 generations of women of our family having a drink together. Well it was the one and only time it happened, but when anyone mentions the H&H I always go back to that memory.

You might remember my mum (Nora) who worked across the road at the Candy Stores junction of Tresham and Kingstanding Road.

I started a thread on Cranbourne Rd School so I'll see if I can find it. Might bring back more memories for you! Viv.
We've just been for a walk down Kingstanding Road and knew somebody would appreciate this. The Nursery must be getting a new sign and they've exposed the sign underneath.Candy stores.jpeg


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Wow, thank you so much. I spent a lot of time there, my mum worked for the Stanworths. It was a large shop, and they used to keep Alsation dogs in the garden - this was on Tresham Road. They'd kick off at anyone who walked past, frightened the living day lights out of me on many occasions.I went to the Stanworths flat (above the shop) and they had a colour TV, the first I'd ever seen. The programme was 'A Family at War'. Mrs Stanworth thought she was the bees knees, bless her.

Think I mentioned in the Kingstanding thread, my friend and I bought our hoola hoops at the shop. Also we'd always go there for boxes for Bonfire Night, plenty to be had from the shop. We also picked Golden Rod in the field just further down Kingstanding Road (it now has houses built on it) and sold bunches on the low wall that used to be in front of the shop. Expect the Stanworths didn't mind us doing it as my mum worked there.

The shop was always busy, must have been a very good business. I know the shop was still there in the 1970s, but don't know when the Stanworths sold up. In more recent times it was a nursery school.

Lovely that the sign has been uncovered in its original state. Thanks for posting Lynn. Viv.