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Children of William Foden

Glennys Jean

master brummie
Please can anyone help me finding the children of this couple:
William Foden b Aston1830 d 1885 who married Eliza Horton in 1850; have found only one child Ellen Horton Foden b 1851. (In 1881 they were in the Royal Oak, Perry Common, Handsworth). I am trying to trace other children & specially if Caleb Foden (Junior) b1852 was one of theirs.
Hopefully Yours


Brummie from Down-Under

1871 RG10/2973 folio 57 page 14
Perry Barr Staffordshire

Royal Oak

William Foden age 41 Licenced Victualar & farmer of 50 acres employing 2 men born Erdington

Eliza wife age 43 born Great Barr Staffordshire
Ellen dau age 20 assistant rest born Perry Barr
Caleb son age 18 waggoner
Elizabeth dau age 16
William son age 14
Isaac son age 11
Louisa dau age 9
John son age 7
Emma dau age 5

King Standing Farm where Caleb is 1881 was next door to the Royal Oak 1871 John Garland Waggoner was there 1871



Brummie from Down-Under
1881 Great Barr
address The Common

William Foden age 24 born Perry Barr is a farm lab

Seems William did alright for himself between 1861 and 1871

1861 Rg9/2020 folio 136 page 12 Hansworth Staffordshire

address Perry Barr

William Foden age 31 born Aston ag lab
Eliza wife age 34 rest born Perry Barr
Ellen dau age 11
Caleb son age 8
Elizabeth dau age 6
William son age 4
Isaac son age 1

1851 Handsworth Staffordshire

William Foden age 21 born Aston
Eliza wife age 23 Perry Barr
Ellen dau age 1 Perry Barr

Is this Isaac??

1891 RG12/2257 folio 72 page 9 Great Barr Staffordshire

address Thornhill farm

Isaac Foden age 31 born Perry Barr farmer
Ellen wife age 28
William son age 1 great barr
William Sandford servant

Glennys Jean

master brummie
Thank you, great stuff Pam, am very pleased! The Foden family were on farms all over that area but usually ended up being licenced victuallers in beerhouses or inns (probably a much easier life than being farmers).


knowlegable brummie
Hi come across this surprised more people did not comment i lived on blakeland farm always interested about things about the farms round their i will send this to my son in australia his wife is a horton from erdington,not been their for a while think royal oak still their.martin