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Poole Farm Cottages, Rodwell Grove, Kingstanding

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It's me again,
Just in case anyone comes across more information on Warren Farm that mentions the last owner as anything else other than Augustine Wells, he was also known as Augustus and Austin.
With best wishes from Rod.


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Will certainly keep a look out for any other info Rod. I'm interested in what happened to these farms up to the point of when the new housing development took over, around late1920s. Will post anything I turn up. Viv.

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I have just come across this thread which is really interesting - Poole Farm cottages are part of my family history of the Fodens of Erdington and Astoness kindly gave me a photo of the cottages as they are today (thread: Maria Foden). In #76, Rod talks about Thomas Wells who married Louisa Foden. She was the daughter of my gt gt Granda Henry who was born on College Farm and bailiff.
I would love to talk to Rod off thread about all this ...


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hi glennys jean...could i suggest that you send rod a private message...good to hear from you



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Hello Viv,
Warren Farm was situated at the end of a narrow lane called Holly Lane (not to be confused with the original name of Kingstanding Road also called Holly Lane).
It followed the approximate route from Hawthorn Road along what is now Charlton Road.
Warren Farm foundations are under the back gardens of the houses on the far corner, from Hawthorn Road, of Charlton Road and Norbiton Road.
Kettlehouse Farm foundations are near Kingstanding Circle, under the Kingstanding Library.
The Methodist Church on the corner of Carshalton Road and Kings Road is where Kings Vale Farm once stood.
College Farm was on the left as you came down the hill on the College Road from Chester Road, it was just below the Roman Catholic College and a new housing estate occupies the land.
The name of the road that goes through the estate is called College Farm Drive.
Park Farm (of Park Farm Estate, Pheasey) was situated on the far side of Crail Grove at the top of Waverley Avenue (next to the pub "Cat and Fiddle").
I've mentioned Park Farm because Augustine Lewis Wells also owned it as well as Warren Farm.
He purchased it, against much opposition, for around £3,000.
Witton Lodge Farm was on the right hand side of the Circle, not Kingstanding Circle, but the Circle at the bottom of Witton Lodge Road.
There is a now a cul-de-sac behind the shops at the Circle called Lapwing Croft, the farm stood between the end of Lapwing Croft and the Circle.
Oscott Farm stood between the end of Wisteria Grove (off Amblecote Avenue) and Fairbourne Avenue.
There used to be a track that led to Oscott Farm just before the first bend on Oscott School Lane as you go down it from Shady Lane.
Here's some more information that corrects a published mistake.
There were three cottages on the Shady Lane that belonged to Oscott Farm, they stood between Winster Grove and the church.
I've mentioned these because according to some publications the building was originally called the Old School House, it may well have been the Old School House and later converted into three cottages, I don't know for definite, but according to the books the cottages were demolished in 1938.
I have been in touch with the History Section of Birmingham Library because this is untrue, but they don't seem to want to know.
My Grandmother lived in the cottage that was on the left of the three, a man called Tom and his son Trevor, lived in the cottage in the middle and a man called Ted, lived with his wife Moira and their children, Geoffrey and Marilyn in the cottage on the right.
I used to visit my Grandmother every Saturday morning until she left the cottage in 1962 and they weren't destroyed until some time later.
You can't believe everything you read in books unfortunately.
Perhaps now that you know where a few of these farms once stood, you can take it back even further than a century.
With best wishes from Rod.
Very interesting posts Rod, I too am related to Augustine, he was my 3rd great uncle. I have been researching my family history for many years but don't seem to be able to get back much further than Augustine's grandfather


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mike would you be able to repost your posts on this thread please as they are PB ones...just reposted my pic on post 75..nice to see this thread up and running again as i can see pool farm cottages from from bedroom window:)

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