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    Shops on Ladypool Road

    These are scans from Kelly's directory 1965. Not everyone is a shop.
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    The Spotted Dog - Bordesley Street and Meriden Street

    I always thought it odd that there were so many pubs around Digbeth that had the same or similar names. Mostly there was just the Bull's Head but there were two Spotted Dogs as well (that one and Alcester St).
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    You might like this http://bullsheadbob.blogspot.com/2019/04/bulls-head-bob-april-2019-dave-peace.html It does mention the band but mostly it's an obituary the guy who seems to be the centre of it.
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    DuckDuckGo still use advertising but, because of their non-intrusive policy it's going to be based on what everyone wants or, at least, everyone using their searches wants. So you get what people are asking for. If you look for stuff in a particular area, there's a chance that you'll get house...
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    There are around half a dozen real search engines and a lot more that compile results from searches made on them. DuckDuckGo used to be owned by Google so I'd suppose they're either just using Google or the same spiders to compile the list. You should get different results from the likes of Ask...
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    Birmingham Cinemas

    I might have seen that one in the same place (but not the same day). Was that the one that had an episode with an over-the-cliff ending in which the hero is seen to have escaped from the car in the next episode although he was visibly in there on the first?
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    Why does my PC keep telling me some sites are "not responding"

    I often get messages like "unable to resolve" etc. It's usually a local network thing. What happens is that the browser is expecting response from the internet faster that it's getting. Unable to resolve host comes when the computer that tells it where the computer it wants is hasn't responded...
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    Moseley Road Baths

    Although this is about an art exhibition at the top, if you scroll down you can find details of talks about and tours of the baths this month. https://moseleyroadbaths.org.uk/gala-pool-art
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    Money!!!! - before decimalisation! Info needed please!

    Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever finish metrication. A lot of road signs still come in feet and inches (bridge height), or miles (any distance) even if the car reads in km or km/h. If you buy beer in a pub it's still by the pint and (although it's marked in litres) milk in supermarkets is sold...
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    Films From The 50s And 60s?

    Surprising that, despite the obvious, they resurrected the character for the TV show.
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    Films From The 50s And 60s?

    Surprising that people watched reruns of Dixon of Dock Green but no-one seemed to notice the re-run of The Blue Lamp in the last few weeks. Back then PC Dixon could walk down the street, singing, talk to some dodgy character who looked like Dirk Bogarde in a doorway and get shot dead in the...
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    Birmingham 2019 Christmas Quiz

    15 from the clue and the width of the road, I'd guess Belgrave Road corner of either Moseley Road (looks wrong for that) or Longmore Street. 12. That seems to have been a pretty standard design. It's a lot like the one by the cannon hill pub but there's no railway bridge there. There used to be...
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    Lionel Strawbridge And Laurie Williams, The Nightingale Club, I'm Kat Strawbridge, Tracing Family.

    A couple of months back the folks from Birmingham LGBT started a history project about the Nightingale to coincide with its 50 year anniversary. If they had any success, you might find they know more than they did then. It might be worth getting in touch with them again if you haven't since 2018.
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    Youngsters today and history

    Matter of what you call "social media" sites. The earlier incarnation of such things is the forum site - like this one. They've added all kinds of bells'n'whistles since but all social media is is somewhere on the internet where you connect to a lot of other people with the same interest. Or, at...
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    Tindall Street School memorial

    Considering the picture you've posted here has a date and name for the photographer, it might be worth asking the WMA to get in touch with whoever posted the picture and ask them where it was at the time. By 2015 the site of the old boys club would have changed usage a couple of times so it's...