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Recent content by Pam Wood

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    The Valley pub, Billesley

    Drank in The Valley for quite a few years in the early 80’s quite a pub to go to if you were a Villa fan, some fabulous nights in there though with some really good friends...
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    Marsh Hill Girls Grammar Tech School

    Lovely my sister was in Canterbury it wa yellow she wa there 1971-1977 ( she did a year in sixth form. My cousins were there about 10 years earlier Pauline the eldest was Head girl and on the honours board! My career wasn’t so illustrious but I think they stopped intake about a year or two after...
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    Marsh Hill Girls Grammar Tech School

    I went there but later when it was a comp! My sister and cousins went when it was a grammar ‘non nobis solum’ means not for ourselves alone... still had it on comp badge just as a scroll underneath. Colour of scroll depicted which house you were in I was in Warwick which was yellow, Dudley was...
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    Pub Football Teams

    Hi yeah I think it was Vance! Mickey Flaherty... Alan Mcdaide... Frank Duane, Tony Crosby are a few I can remember the Williams brothers any idea what happened to them all?
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    Pub Football Teams

    Anyone have any pictures or info re Covered Wagon Sunday morning football team from early 80’s...
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    Sorrento Hospital Nursing Home

    Wondering if anyone knew/knows Pauline Duane who used to work at Sorrento 70’s/80’s possibly to its closure in 93...
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    Kings Heath Methodist Addison Road

    Does anyone know if any churches in Kings Heath area have been pulled down? Remember attending a wedding in 1986 in a little church tucked away down a side street that had steps from the road up to the churchyard, cobbled and grassed possibly Victorian or earlier can't remember the name of it...
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    British Newspaper Archives Birmingham & WW1

    Wow that's amazing! Especially as I'm a Wood too. All Alf's family were at Paddington St including Harry (Henry Charles) who was killed in 1917 and Jack (John Norman) who survived but died in August 1921,3 weeks before his son (named for him) was born. Sadly his son died in 1941 on a bombing...
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    British Newspaper Archives Birmingham & WW1

    No he died 26/11/18 and was buried in an unmarked grave in south Birmingham he was married I believe he died of flu as did his father a month or so later
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    A Tale Of Three Brothers

    I don't know if anyone can help me but would much appreciate it... My grandfathers three elder brothers all served and died in or by effects of WW1. Thanks to some marvellous people on here I now know all threes regiments. My latest find, my Nans first husband started in the Royal Warwickshire...
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    British Newspaper Archives Birmingham & WW1

    Also from this information do you know if u could find out which battles he was in?
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    British Newspaper Archives Birmingham & WW1

    Oh my goodness can't believe you found him just like that yes that's him and the lady he married was my Nan as years later she married his younger brother. I see he WA in the Royal Warks first then transferred to Irish Rifles would this be because of injury do you think? Thank you all so much...
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    British Newspaper Archives Birmingham & WW1

    I've been following this thread and am amazed how you can find all these details so quickly! My cousin researched our great uncles war service and have hit a blank with one brother. We've got two , Alfred Alder KRRB, died 1918, Henry Charles Alder KOSB died 1917 but we can't find John Norman...
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    Our Lady of Lourdes, Yardley Wood

    Does anyone remember the Duane family who used Our Lady of Lourdes in 1970's/ 1980's?... the daughter was married there in 1985 Bernie?
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    Duane Family

    Thank you that would be good