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Recent content by Arkrite

  1. Arkrite

    School Discipline

    Having read through the above posts I remember being treated at school much the same. My school time was during the 1950s and 60s state primary and secondary modern schools. Older teachers I recall were time servers and many exservice men brutal in the use of the cane on young people. Now we...
  2. Arkrite


    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the sale of animal brains and the spinal cord is banned following the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease. I remember eating brains on toast as a boy and it didn'tttttttttttttttttttt do me any harm.
  3. Arkrite

    First Peddle Car - First Pedal Car

    Look around you and I bet hardly anyone you know scratch builds this sought of thing now. If your Dad did not make you one there was always a bunch of mates who had enough ideas to cobble one together. No wonder this country is short of engineers these days. Like many forum members I spent most...
  4. Arkrite

    Items that have faded away

    In my youth it was a woman who sold the shellfish and was accompanied by lady member of the Salvation Army selling the Watchtower. Probably thought there was safety in numbers.
  5. Arkrite

    Hairdressing & barbering

    Has anyone heard of the Pyramid method of sharpening safety razor blades ? just place your old blade beneath a compass aligned pyramid and overnight it becomes sharp. Food will supposedly last longer if kept under a pyramid. I can already feel those raised eyebrows and knowing looks Arkrite gets...
  6. Arkrite

    Items that have faded away

    .OOOUUUUUCCHHH..!!!! I bet as many footballers ended up punch drunk as did boxers. I miss the old MacFisheries. Small fish counters in supermarkets are not the same and any independant fresh fish shop soon closes.
  7. Arkrite

    Charabanc Outing

    Sorry I cannot help but what a fantastic photo. I feel ready to jump aboard and away to go.
  8. Arkrite

    Worcestershire Railways Site

    Thank you. I live in the town and have never heard of it.
  9. Arkrite

    Cadbury Changes

    These archives are they the property of the company or in trust ? They could be a nice donation to an ivy league university, or worth a packet to a rich collector. Keep a close eye on their future if I were you.
  10. Arkrite

    Top chip shop

    The Search for The Holy Grail of Perfect Fish and Chips.......I have found some good ones but the search continues. I mean ,what happens when you find the perfect ones ?
  11. Arkrite

    The Kings Speech (New Film)

    Ever since I can remember I have had a stammer which made me shy. Socialising was agony because of the micky tacking. I learned of the great men in history who overcame this problem and started to tackle it my way as no one appeared interested in doing so. I became so good at hiding it only when...
  12. Arkrite

    BBC 4 Golden Age of Coach Travel

    As is told by the previous posts coach travel was an adventure as well as a means of travel. Since the 1980s coaches have become reliable, comfortable and speedy forms of transport. Like the railways a bit faceless and characterless in modern times. Perhaps we are at this moment enjoying our...
  13. Arkrite

    1930s Hygiene

    Stitcher, the last time I had a dose of ring worm was in 1986 when working as a machinist. The chap who worked the machine before me was a part-time dairy milker.I used a pair of his gloves by mistake.It was easy to get rid of using modern creams.
  14. Arkrite

    1930s Hygiene

    I think that most us had a dose of nits. I always caught them after returning to school after the holidays. What about RingWorm ? I believe the way to get rid of it was by applying Gentian Violet. I am sure I must have had it at least once. If any thing was going free I was up for it.
  15. Arkrite

    I received some sad news today....

    Sorry too hear of your loss. Moms are always special.