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what is a true brummy


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I also find this debate divisive too, the midlands has always had a very mobile population, so I fail to see why some individuals get so up tight about it.


Yes so do I paul - Simply depends upon which side of the border you were born or maybe grew up on. Bit like Yorkshiremen and Lancastrians.


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I remember the BHA telling me that I was still a Brummie when I joined you. Being born in Brum and only living there a few weeks. My Nan said she wasn't Black Country either, she coming from Wordsley, Stourbridge but Gornall was Black Country where her aunties came from. Nico


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Hi nico. ,
Yes indeed your gran was correct in telling you that she was black country folk speaking because if you came from either
Gornal,,,or lower normal its falls within the dudley diologue speaking it is stated from years ago way back in time halesowen,,
And stourbridge was just the boarder of the said black country folk speaking people in those days

They was not black country folk along with widely they are not black country speaking people
Normal was way back in time was the old boat people of barges on our canals along with the dirty smokie foundries
There was a lot of old bargeies family on our grand union canal trapping up and down the grand union canals
I could tell you a lot of the old names of these family's but yes normal and lower normal was the glass makers as well
Best wishes astonian,,,,,


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71 percent but I answered like a Black Country Person. Also Nan said that with grey peas,you ate grawty puddin' one of the option answers with the faggott question.

A Sparks

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I got 86% and told 'you'm proper bostin' however I'm definitely not from the Black Country, I just knew what the answers would be!


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I suspect that the grey peas you refer to would be dried peas, Usually in a small carton and contained a small tablet which gave the peas a brighter green appearance. They are quite nice and yes, they were often had with faggots and peas. They have been overtaken by tinned 'mushy peas' I think,which are probably not any better but probably more expensive. When I lived at my 'in-laws' home in the early 1960's, when I got married, Sunday lunch was usually roast chicken and dried peas were one of the three vegetables plus roasted potatoes of course.


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thank you i hadnt got the faintest what one was all i knew was you have mushy peas with faggots ( that was one i guessed)

dek carr

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I seem to remember buying dried peas from the Corn Shop by the lb they would then be soaked in water for ages and then boiled up,