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Sandpits old persons home


master brummie
Does anyone remember an old peoples home (men only I think) near the Sandpits/Summerhill?
I vaguely remember an old man that used to ride a full size three-wheeler bike and he wore a collarless jacket before the Beatles. I used to see him anywhere between Springhill and "Town". If it was a men only home, was it anything to do with the services?


Gone, but not forgotten.
Hi Bill123

It might have been The Summer Hill Home For Aged Men at 18 Summer Hill Terrace. I remember it well. I think that there was some trouble some time back over the mistreatment of residents.



gone but not forgotten
I posted on this thread "Workhouse Dudley RD & Summerhill" type it into search for a lot of relevent info. Len.


A man from our road was put in there in the late 7os or early 80s. He was elderly and lived alone. I dont know much about him but his feet were always on the go, a bit like a tap dancer. I believe he died there after awhile.


gone but not forgotten
hi phil and stich
yes there was big trouble there some years ago the superinten
of the old fellows home murdered a gentleman and abused a couple of more old fellows with violents he was charge and sent to prison for the murder
of mr hands whom was from lady wood
when i was a kid i used to play cow boys and indians on those sand pitts
when we came out of thr lyric picture hose sat morning mattee
and later on in life i remember them building a lovely big shelter
on the sand pitts for the old fellowers
best wishes astonian ;;


proper brummie kid
i have just discovered that an ancestor of mine may have been in this home in 1939
his name was joseph/joshua doody.
i have a record and a list of fellow "inmates" if anyone is looking for a relative from around this time.
also if anyone knows where i can gather more info it would be much appriciated.