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  • Hello Len,sorry to tell you but Brian Cottrell passed away on wednesday evening,i have informed George Boneham,John Bell and Princey.REGARDs JIM.
    HELLO LEN,I'm back on the keyboard again ,hope you and family are well.I am going to see Brian Cottrell tomorrow spoke to his wife today and she told me that he is very very poorly now, will let you know more after i've seen him but things aren't looking good for him.JIM
    Didnt know it was your birthday Len, Many Happy returns of the day . I hope it was agood one xxx
    Good Morning Jean, Yes it is a lovely start to Sunday its so good i shall take some hard work on, i will peel 5 grapes and then rest for a few hours!!! Cheers Len.
    Len, Just saw the photos on the bombing on Vera Rd, Remember it well in fact the one photo with the nippers taking a look could be Me John Headford and Robin Kendall. Could you Email with photos as attachment to me [email protected] or tell me where I can find the photos on a web site, Thanks mate. John Crump
    Moring Len. Last night I was dreaming about PUBS! (NOT a drop now for days due to op,) But what happened to the Wheatcheaf on lode lane and Cov rd in Sheldon I think this was the name. Maybe the Three Horshoes? MY Dad worked at Rover on Lode lane is that factory still there, also another pub by the Rover fact. Did you get my post about us been school chums? All the best John Crump
    Hi Len, Sorry this is a bit late, its been hectic here !! Hope that you and yours had a great Christmas !!.. wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year x
    Hi Len hope you had a good en and didn't drink too much like me?. I had a right old head this morning but I did mix my drinks. Pete our son did me one of his special drinks and I only have a tot before bed usually and I think that did it. Off to bed shortly but will take a look at who is on the forum first. Take care from Jean.
    Hi Len what was Len's last name only I coached swimming most of my working life?. I will pass the message on to Anne for you. Take care from Jean.
    Hi Len how are you keeping?. I have hurt my hand now mucking about with Pete and I think it really is time to hang up my paint brush that is if I can find it. What could you suggest to take it's place?. Jean.
    Greetings Len. I've been absent from the site for a while now so am remiss in not replying to your last, asking for my surname. So sorry. It is Platt. I was born 1940 and lived in Lyndon Road, Sheldon until my departure for the antipodes in 1963. I am still engrossed in the search for my ancestors and spent considerble time trying to get info on Dad's ARP Service. It all came to nought when I was finally advised all ARP Service Records for the area were destroyed long ago. Currently, I am working on the Chinery Family - my maternal grandparents, and I have compiled an 89 page (so far) dossier. No convicts or crims but some adventure and a lot of sadness. Hope all well with you. Down here, it's Spring and the end of the football season (thank god) - that's Rugby League and Australia Rules. Looking forward to some cricket once the team comes home from India.
    Best wishes, Pete. (OldBrummie)
    Hi Len how are you keeping?. Are Acocks Green having a carnival this year?. I miss coming over that way as we used to bowl there four times a week. Other than of course my art works I love gardening and going down the caravan where my hobby is drinking lemonade:rolleyes::rolleyes: at the local pub. Take care Jean.
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