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Nazareth House


Master Barmmie
Father Hudson's Homes migrated 132 children to Australia between 1947-1956.

39 of the 132 were from Nazareth House, and would likely go to the Sisters of Mercy or Sisters of Nazareth in South Australia, Victoria or New South Wales, or to the Salesains in Tasmania.


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I was at nazareth house with my brother thomas about 1975/6... i was about 2/3..and my brother couple of years older.... i actually remember some stuff and it wasnt good..... if anyone has pictures please can you send me some.... its part of my past that keeps coming back....


proper brummie kid
My mother and her sister were put in Nazareth House year 1912 she did not tell us a lot about it. all she ever
said her grandmother visits them a lot has she said to make sure they did not send them to Australia, because
when I came here thats when she told me she may have been sent here. I am glad she was not sent here has
I would not have been here, but sad to say I left my mom and came to Australia .
Regards pommie