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Marson Families

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Hi, This is my first posting on this site. Does anyone know where I can find old photos of Great Barr Street, Glover Street, Palmer Street, Westley Street. & Watery Lane. Bordesley. I am writing the family history of the Marson Families who lived in this area in the 1800's and beyond the 1940's. I came from Small Heath and know the area well, as I had a paper round down Garrison Lane in 1954. I lived in Greenway Street, but at the time before I started the family history I never thought to take pictures. Also if there are any relatives of the Marson & Earley/ Hurley families, I would love to hear from you. Thank's for reading this post.


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hi and welcome to the forum...have you tried using the search box yet as i am pretty sure there will be old photos of most of the streets you are looking for..know for certain there are some of watery lane because i posted them and there are quite a lot

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A couple of photos in the posts below ...
I understand that this is a photo of Greenway Street before it was demolished, I've had a quick look and I cannot see where it has been posted before so I'll assume it hasn't.
On an unknown date someone had decided to photograph the back of 12 Glover Street and folks living there stood and watched. Maybe the open area led to the nearby canal.
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a new one to me...the barrel watery lane/kingston road dated 1956

Watery Lane and what looks like No 6 on the entrance to a courtyard where the women are standing and maybe a pub on the corner.

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proper brummie kid
Thank you to Phil for the photo of Greenway Street, although I already have that from Pat a few years ago, if it's the same Pat I know who also lived in Greenway Street. I lived two doors up to the right of the man standing by the lampost