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Market Hall


master brummie
Hello. The file names I have for these pics are: Pic 1. An unexploded bomb land on RG Boardman and Co in Summer Row, 1942. Pic 2. The FAILDED WWII bomb was used by Birmingham City Council as a collection box for the Lord Mayors Appeal fund. Lurchphoic.


master brummie
Whoops again, trying to correct the capital R.
I think the "Money Box Mine" was to help support families of those lost at sea.
But as I would have been 3 or 4 I may be right off the mark.
Cheers Tim

You are correct Tim. These old mines were sited in many places for charitable collections. They are still to be seen in many coastal towns.
As far as I know different maritime charities had them such as the RNLI and merchant seamen's benevolent funds.


master brummie
Hi all & Grea. Tommy's Market Hall & Markets, book was completed a couple of weeks ago, he is very pleased with it. I have just completed the DVD and dare I say, the film is better than the
book :) Grea, your DVD will be in the post tomorrow morning, thanks for your help. This DVD is for Tommy, if you want some slight changes, it is no problem, let me know.

Now ........ In the event of someone, some day falling upon this page, I have uploaded a couple of pic that when seen, someone may have better and will let me know.

Thank you all for your help. PhilC.

Re-post due to slightly going away from the Market Hall. Really hoping that one day, some one will read my post and just might have the pics I need. With respect, Lurchphoic.


gone but not forgotten
Hi Viv,
Here is a photograph to be what i beleive o be the first market in 1835
And accomodated 600 stalls for thsale of flowers fruit and veg poultry and fish
Please se the enclosed pic,
Alan,, Astonian,,



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Thanks Alan. Your statistics on the Smithfield Fruit and Veg thread tell us that many properties on Bell Street, Phillips Street and Worcester Street disappeared after Samuel Bradford's survey in 1750. That would be for the building of the Market Hall. There were long negotiations by the Commissioners to acquire the properties. They were acquired by mid-1831.

But two shop owners on the old site demanded high prices, so two houses with shop fronts were added to the corners of the Market Hall at the Bull Ring end as an exchange or for sale to raise money to buy the two old shops. Following these delays, in 1833 Charles Edge's plans for the building were finally approved.



master brummie
It as been on before Lyn, I down loaded it way back and put it in my 'possible painting' file (it is still there) , but multiple entries are better than no entries at all. Eric


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thanks eric i was not sure...as you say better to have multiples rather than miss a good photo


Lady Penelope

master brummie
I love these views of the back of the Market Hall. My family were living in Worcester Street when the hall was built. I think their first shop was demolished for the construction. They moved further down and then into Pershore Street. They would have seen this every day.

Elmdon Boy

master brummie
Anybody remember Pimms pet shop in the market hall.
I remember climbing those steps to buy my pet rabbit from there with my Dad in 1960, no roof on it then.

A Sparks

master brummie
My mother always used to take me to Pimm's Pets - she loved it herself.
It's my main memory of the Market Hall too.


master brummie
Hello. Not sure where these two bombs ended up. Lurchphoic.View attachment 114313View attachment 114314
The top photo, two inquisitive gentlemen and the schoolboy raises an eyebrow. Has this ordnance been de-activated? Also noticeable is the absence of officialdom and exclusion zone tapes. :eek: I guess during WW2 miles and miles of tape would have been required - but then it was not part of everyday life at that time.

bullring boy

master brummie
Thanks for the reply. My father Reggie Morrell (no longer with us) worked as a slaughterman there from 1945, de mob, till he was dismissed with the union dispute. He worked for FMC ( fat stock market corporation). I have his old FMC bone saw which he used to saw everything with. It's useless now but in very good condition as regards appearance and marked up clearly FMC. I would be happy to let you have it as a bit of fun to present to your b in law on his big night. Also if you look on you tube there is a corny but interesting advert for FMC from the 1950's. regards G.
Hi Grea. I've just recently joined the Birmingham History Forum. Reggie Morrell was my uncle. I was born in Skinner Lane and my dad worked at Evans and Kitchen in Hurst St, so you might be able to work out who Bullring Boy is! I remember your dad. I have very many happy memories of childhood family get-togethers and would love to be able to share them, along with seeing those photos!