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House Numbers in Long Acre



I am trying to find any information on the house numbers in Long Acre, Nechells in the early 1900's, can any one help. Also does anyone have any pictures of Long Acre?


Gone, but not forgotten.

I believe the numbers started at the top of Long Acre from Charles Arthur St. evens on the east side odds on the west side right down to Cuckoo Bridge.

I've only got this one photo, which I believe was near the top of the hill.



  • Nechells Long Acre Railway terrace.jpg
    Nechells Long Acre Railway terrace.jpg
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My moms aunt lived in one of those houses pictured and my grand-parents lived behind.
My Great Grandmother was killed by a Pickfords lorry in that exact spot.


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Yes Phil. Here it is in blue. As you said , evens on east, odds on west. The Prince of wales pub shown on the east corner of Thimble mille lane and Long acre is no 72. The chapel would, i think, be around no 130(though it itself was not numbered)



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my sister lives in longacre...cracking pic phil of how is once looked..thanks for the map mike..makes it so much easier....



gone but not forgotten
hi guys does any body remember the bellamies family from long acre in the early years
as they was old friends of mine
best wishes astonion

Alan Whateley

Brummie babby
Hi, I’m trying to locate where my grand parents house was, then and now where it would have stood in present day. Numbers 7 and 8 back of 41 Long Acre. Can anyone help?

Alan Whateley

Brummie babby
They were the Mills family at number 8 and the Carters at number 7. My Nan married Fred Mills and eventually moved from number 7 to 8 ha ha.


master brummie
Map c1950

map c1978 - red marker is where 7 and 8 would roughly have been - that bit of Long Acre no longer exists.

Alan Whateley

Brummie babby
That’s absolutely fantastic thank you. I’m going to take my uncle on a trip down memory lane, sad that part of long acre no longer exists. But we can kinda pin point where it would have been thanks to you!
I’m also going to see the back to back tour in Brum to see what the house might have looked like. My grandparents had 10 kids by the time they moved to a bigger house, one of them my mum. How they all fit in that tiny house I’ll never know. Thank you