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  1. W

    Childhood friends of my Nan

    Hey all, my Nan lived in the Nechells area of Birmingham. She remembers names of friends and people that she remembers from her from childhood (1934-1945). I was just wondering if anybody knows what happened to her friends etc. Friends names (may not be spelt correct) 1. Josie Chiswell 2...
  2. bluebrummie

    When were the back to back houses in Nechells built?

    Hi. I used to live in a back to back house in Dollman Street, Nechells in the 60's and 70's. I was wondering when they were built? Can anyone please tell me how old the back to backs was?
  3. R

    Looking for my dad....Malcolm

    Hi, im looking for help finding someone i believe is my father, I have limited information as apparently my mother doesn't remember much. All I know is his name is Malcolm and he's from Birmingham, possibly Nechells? He was a butcher and he'd have met my mother around September 1991. Any help...
  4. Tony Darbyshire

    Birmingham Public Swimming Baths

    As a child and into my early adulthood I often went to three public swimming baths. I learnt to swim in Woodcock Street baths in my junior school years. From memory this was in 1955-6. When I took up my secondary school education at Alderlea in Shard End we frequently went to Woodcock Street for...
  5. N

    St Joseph's Nechells Lookups

    Hello :) I've recently been at the archives at St.Chad's Cathedral looking at the burial register for St.Joseph's RC Church in Nechells. Unfortunately, the entries for the years 1917 to 1921 are not entered in the copy of the burial register in the archives there. Strangely, there doesn't...
  6. P

    House Numbers in Long Acre

    I am trying to find any information on the house numbers in Long Acre, Nechells in the early 1900's, can any one help. Also does anyone have any pictures of Long Acre?