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Barber Institute, Birmingham University


master brummie
I was lucky enough to attend a conference on tuesday at the Barber Institute. I have never been there before, and was surprised whne we got there to see how old it is.
It has a wonderful interior and the sound in the main theatre is brilliant - even our most boring speakers sounded good.
We were lucky enough to be shown around by one of the staff members and its' interior is lovely, with the wood panelling and marble tairs.
If you are near it, just off edgbaston Park Road, it is worth a look round.


master brummie
When I was a member of the BWS (Birmingham Watercolour Society) we were invited to the Barber Insitute Gallery to view their collection of paintings, I was amazed, they have Rem Brandt paintings, De Vinci drawings, Canelleto's etc......the collectiom must be worth many millions of pounds. We were shown around by the curator, professor Verdi, professor of fine Arts who is/was the BWS's honourary president. This was a number of years ago, I should imagine he has retired by now. To any one who likes old master paintings it is well worth a visit, it was free then don't know if it still is. As Sue rightly says it has a wonderful decor Eric


master brummie
The Barber Institute is still free.

It is on the grounds of Birmingham University and this is a wonderful campus to walk round.

I went there a year or so back to take some photographs and walked round the campus and went inside a few buildings with no problems.

Some of the insides of the buildings are beautiful, you may have seen it on Antiques Roadshow recently.


master brummie
Also, if you are walking round the campus, there is a fantastic greengrocery stall, as you come to the mathematics building - on the left if you are walking down from University station to the Barber Intitute. the prices are really good and all the fruit was lovely, we ended up stopping on the way home to get some to bring home, the young man running it was friendly and gave us a sharon fruit to try as we had not had one before.


Gone, but not forgotten.
The Barber Institute of fine arts is both a gallery and a concert hall in the grounds of Birmingham University Edgbaston. This fine Art Deco building was built in 1930’s and designed by Robert Atkinson and officially opened by Queen Mary in 1939. It is now a Grade II listed building. The building itself consists of a central hall surrounded by lecture rooms and offices.

The institute was set up by Dame Martha Constance Hattie Barber in memory of her husband William Henry Barber a solicitor who made his fortune from property in Birmingham’s expanding suburbs.