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  • Jan Hyland yes and I think Mary Fisher, can't remember the Nursing Officers surname, first name was Teresa, a real dragon with a heart of gold, I did orthopaedics pre-basic training so knew how to put on casts, so managed to get extra time on A&E to help out, my biggest career regret that I didn't stay oin A&E, but my then hubby banned me when I had my hair singed by a normally friendly drunk 3 weeks before our wedding in Northampton A&E.
    Did/do you know Mary McCarthy as well, she was in my training set and I met her again when we had a small reunion for our groups 30th anniversary, she is still working in A&E on the hand unit.
    It was a pity for John, he was a great man when he was free from the booze. Will try and remember some more names, Sue
    It was a great shame about John,he was a brilliant ambulance man but his problems cut short his career.Mike still works at Solihull and I saw him occasionally at incidents. Did you have the pleasure of working for Mary Fisher and Pauline Coutts or even Jan Hyland.Malcolm
    Hi 205Mal, I trained as a nurse at Selly Oak 1980-1984 and did a few placements on A&E, we used to be able to go out with the Ambulance crews at that time, so we did when we could, had some great times!!
    A couple of my friends dated ambulance men, Lindsay married Mike O'Malley - they live in Shirley still and my other friend who I have lost touch with Claire, went out with Mikes brother John.
    One of the ambulance mae, Mike, had an accident with a pedestrian while we were there, that was an awful time for him.
    if you were at Bristol Road we must know each other,I was there from 1968 till 2001 apart from a couple of years on Red 44.Malcolm
    Hi again - Chris M removed it Sue.
    Hi - No worries thanks for being vigilant. We have been in Glasgow for just over 2 weeks so only just catching up - still lots of washing etc to be got through. A man's work is never done.

    Bye for now.

    Sue can't wait for Britain's got talent. What was that blokes name with the long hair we all had a laugh about?. Can't have had that much talent eh?.
    Hi Jean, yes, still am for my sins, but I wouldn't change my job for anything!! - though I may not always say that!!
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