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Who remembers their dad mending their shoes

Richard Shephard

master brummie
I am now 76yrs of age but i remember when i used to mend my kids shoes.
i got old innertubes or old tyres and cut them into shape and tack
them onto the soals.MYy often remind me of them days.
regards. Richard


master brummie
I remember my Grandfather having a 3 legged cobblers last and buying sheets of leather and repairing our shoes, after he died I don't think my Dad bothered even though he had the last. I think the stick on soles were on the market by then Eric


gone but not forgotten
my old man was always sending us across the rd from mrs cox,s shop to her neibour mr harold lloyed next to the gully
whom ran the little cobblers oppersite diggers and robison fruit and veg and old frenchies shop ;
he eventualy packed up and moved imto my mothers aunt shop on tyburn rd erdington so the old man had to start to do his own ;
we phil was like you and that song ; theres a hole in my shoe dear eliza until the school board man came and told us get down the digbeth
police station mrs you are on the evening mail out for boots and shoes and socks so off we went an old army of eight kids
on that cold and snowie morning ; back at school dinner time only to notice we was not the only ones ;and the posh kids [ middle class tryed ribbing the poor ones but they got there answer ; good old evening mail saved the day again ; nice boots best wishes astonian


master brummie
My grandad had a 3 legged last and he would repair the boots and shoes of family and friends. He trimmed the excess leather from round the soles and heels with his "ear hole" knife, the curved blade the same shape as your ear hole. Finished the job with his stick of wax and hob nails and toe tips, boy, did those sparks fly when you slid along the pavement. Our "Daily Mail" boots lasted yonks.


Michael's dad used to repair our shoes in the 70's we still have his last. There were several of the Partridge family in Ashted row I wonder if he learned his craft from Howard??


Ex-pat Brummie
The steel studs that Lencops referred to in post #15 were called SEGS and Dad or even sometimes Mom would bash them into the heels to stop them being worn away.



master brummie
I never owned a pair of those boots, but can remember being envious of the boys who could slide great distances across the playground

brenda barr

master brummie
My dad always mended our shoes...he had a last and every so often it would be brought out for when our shoes had to be resoled....don't know where he got the leather from l remember he always made a paper pattern of what ever shoes he would work on...he always did a good job his father my g/father was a boot maker in Lovers Walk so l guess where dad got his experience from...my brother and l would always make him put extra studs on our shoes so when we walked down the entry at night they would make sparks...we must have sounded like an army marching down the entry....l still have my g/fathers leathers tools that he used when he made boots...if l knew how to do it l'd send a picture of it....Brenda


Brummie Dude
dad used leather from cut up machine belts,to repair shoes. there are a few of them 3 footed iron things in the scrap yard here in the village. folks use them to keep the door open. it seems cheaper to buy a new pair of boots these days.


master brummie
Our Dad mended our shoes too, I'd forgotten about that! The 3 footed last was used as a door-stop for years, I always thought it was from the Isle of Man when I was little! LOL!

paul stacey

master brummie
My dear old dad had a 3 footed cobblers last, and repaired all our shoes, mainly with "Phillips Rubber Soles and heels", attaching them with "Evo Stick", which he calmped with clothes pegs till it had dried, he also used thick card board cut to the shape of the foot size inside the shoe to stop up a hole in the soles.


master brummie
I contributed to this topic by mentioning that we used to have to bash thirteen studs into our boots while in the army.
That contribution has vanished.
Was it something I said, perchance ?


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Maypolebaz, There are 2 threads running at the moment one called Shoe repairs and you posted on that.


master brummie
Hi all i remember my dad repairing my shoes when a hole appeared he would cut up a cardboard box and slip a piece inside.

paul stacey

master brummie
Sounds as if your dad, and mine, were bought up the same way podgery, I seem to remember that shoes for us kids were very expensive in those days, a great finacial burden to our family.