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Warren Farm High School Dulwich Road Secondary School



Hello, does anybody have any photos from Warren Farm High School between 1965 - 1969 please? Thanks a lot. Michelle Gannon. :p

Lynda Harvey

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In response to your posting Michelle (Hi there by the way). Haven't any photos, but I did go to the high school in 1961 to 1963 which I know was before your time. I took a pre nursing course there for 2 years. We had a headmistress, but am blowed as to what her name was. Any memories we can share?


Hi my mom and dad both went there. My dad is Paul Gannon and my mom is Teresa Gannon (used to be Barrett). She has three brothers who also went there, Bob,Tom and Michael Barrett. You may have knew them? ???


master brummie
Warren Farm School

Does any one have photos of Warren Farm Road School in the late 50s.. also present day please . I do not get over to Brum much these days....:|



There are some photos on Friends reunited. You have to join and log in though. x


master brummie
Dulwich Road Girls Secondary Modern. I think it is now a Leisure Centre.

Don't remember a badge whilst I was there, but one year I have a black beret.



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Didn't anyone go to Dulwich Road Secondary Modern School for girls except me!! Miriam

Edit. Extract from British History Online

WARREN FARM BOYS' COUNTY MODERN SCHOOL; WARREN FARM GIRLS' COUNTY MODERN SCHOOL, Kingstanding.(27) Dulwich Rd. Cty. Modern Schs. became separate schs. 1945 (see preceding sch.).(21) Names changed 1954.(28) N.o.b. 1961: 340 B, 400 G.(27)
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Hi although i have no photos i was at warren farm school during that period and would love to see some my names wendy taverner


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Hi my aunt Jean Tipping went to warren farm Kingstanding and as she is the youngest her other sister may well have too, my grandparents moved to Hawthorne road kingstanding when my mom was 12, and my aunty Jean still lives in nan house. I have two photos of Warren Farm Road Kingstanding taken in 1966 and 1968, I will find them out and post them.
Have you tryed contacting Carl Chinns Brummagem Magazine, I know there have been storys and photos to do with kingstanding in past issues I will look in the back issues and post any thing I find.


master brummie
I was just on Facebook, there is a 'Kingstanding 1950's onwards' page, there are some really great pictures there.
This may already have been mentioned, but I thought I would mention it just in case.


gone but not forgotten
hi guys
does anybody recall a couple of guys by the name of aston ; whom lived on kingstanding rd king standing
they went to warren farm rd king standing in the mid fifties they later moved to monument rd ladywood ; and i beleive in the latter part of the seventies john and vic moved to the saltley area of birmingham last sen standing out side tescos that used to be there by the gate pub ;
i would love to catch up with john ; and vic ;
best wishers astonian;;


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hi jean tipping was in my class at warren farm used to go round with her my name then was angela phipps havent seen jean for at least 45 years hope she is well if you could say hello to her for me that would be greatx


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We lived in Aylesbury Crescent and my Sister Susan Richardson Went to Warren Farm Girls and My Brother Peter Richardson Went to the boys school during the 60s. I was at Warren Farm Primary from 1962. I did not fancy going to Warren Farm Senior so went to Perry Beeches in Great Barr. Mrs. George the headmistress at the Juniors was a lovely person. Kingstanding was a good place to be in the 60s and early 70s.