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Things kids say.


master brummie
Must share this with you all, as I was in stitches yesterday whilst joining my 5 year old Grand-daughter, ( Keera ), and her friend ( Lauren ), on their way to school. Lauren turns to Keera and says, " Wouldnt it be funny if people lived under the ground ? ", to which Keera replied, " Dont be silly, thats where the dead people live ". Great what kids come out with isnt it ?


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Nice one Bazz, it true though ain't it.:D

Mind just say things like, in a minute, just going out, do it later, can you lend me or I'm not going that way.:)


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
One of my little Grandchildren said to his teacher :
"My Granddad and Grandma are the same age, but Granddad is older because he's bigger and got grey hair".

Made me feel a million Dollars!!!! Our birthdays are only two weeks apart.

Pom :angel:


While we were in Ireland last week a lady in the restaraunt asked my three year old grandson what he had for Christmas "a limmo like granddads" he shouted. I explained it was a toy car. She looked sideways at my husband smiled and patted my granddson on the head. I am sure she could not make it out. My husband drives these cars around Brum and our grandson loves them!
My husband took this photo on halloween the year before last he says he is saving it till he's sixteen..............:D


We've recently had a new addition to the family. Martha.
Sam, aged 6 cradled the baby in his arms ready to be photographed with his toothy grin clearly visible. While I messed about arranging the shot Sam said "Isn't she beautiful, when she's three she'll be as beautiful as beautiful can be." (which I thought was a profound comment from one so young) in response to my laughter he continued "and when she 13 she'll be walking the streets."
I think he meant she'll be old enough to have the freedom to go to the local shops that he can only dream about at 6.:rolleyes:


master brummie
I have to laugh at all of these as they say things so innocently, but I didn't know whether to laugh or cry with what my six year old granson said to me, we were sat on the settee when he said nanny I love you but why are you so old.


A continuation to the things Sam's said.

Yesterday my partner did the rounds of her Grandchildren; an almost weekly occurrence. She got to 'Sam's' (aged 6.) house as he was having a late breakfast. In between him devouring his bacon and egg sandwich eagerly he looked out of the patio window and surveyed the storm lashed garden. Seeing a large flower planter filled to the brim with water he exclaimed to his Grandma " Good Lord will you just look at that" There followed a silence as Grandma stifled a laugh. Sam then said "Please pardon me Grandma I'm not old enough to use such language. It's okay for me to say 'twit' or 'moron' but I shouldn't have said Lord; sorry" he continued his breakfast while Grandma rushed out of the room. :)


For a brief few years I attended the Holy Name School at the Scott Arms.
I didn't like it there, the Nuns were horrid but that's another story.
It was a long walk to school from where we lived and our Mother's used to take it in turns taking and fetching the group of us each day, there and back.
We had P.E. in the hall, throwing bean bags and spinning hoops all very boring stuff. My friend Terry Galvin was excused from these exercises, he had a hole in his heart and had to take things steady. He used to sit on a bench and read (look) at comics; now that appealed to me so I told the mother supior. Sister Teresa that I also had the same condition. She asked for my doctors note and I told her I would get my Mom to bring it in. I was excused PE for two terms until the fateful day of Parent's day when Sister Teresa took Mom to one side and told her that they had been saying prayers for my speedy recovery.
As if by a miracle I was cured by the next day, my Dad had healing hands.:Aah:
I left that school shortly afterwards.

Beryl M

My son Andrew then aged 11 was supposed to be reading a prescribed book in class - Instead he was reading a book about 'Sex' . Needless to say the teacher caught him and so went confiscate the book - Andrew said, 'You can't do that the book belongs to my Dad' This story was related in a Teachers and Parents interview. . . My husband suddenly got a red face. .

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Things kids do.

:rolleyes: I remember my mom telling me that her older sister Phylis always used to stay up to keep my nan company as grandad had died. She used to get spoilt so one night my mom came downstairs pretending to sleepwalk took some sweets off the mantlepiece and walked back upstairs to bed. My nan always used to say it was dangerous to wake someone up in this state. I don't think she ever let on. TTFN. Jean. :rolleyes:

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Things children say.

:DanceBallerina2: A couple of years ago my lovely neighbour passed away. The twin boys from next door said to their dad "where has Aunty Connie gone". Their dad replyed to heaven. One of them then asked "when is she coming back dad"?. Another one to do with twin boys. When I was at Wyndley teaching swimming I had twin boys in my class. I asked them if they were identical when one replied "no miss weeeeere internal twins". I think they meant to say fraternal. They went on to appear in the Harry Potter films. TTFN. Jean. :DanceBallerina3:

Valerie Dunbar

master brummie
Another story about kids. I am teaching my grandson to read so go down to his home every day to give him extra reading after school. We was reading his latest book, I paused at the start of the sentance beginning "Jack" to give him time to digest the words. I waited, he waited, then my grandson suddenly said "Nan! The word is "Jack". To which I replied, "So it is", and carried on. It was my turn to read obviously.


true brummie
my nephew was looking at a greenfinch on the lawn. it then flew up into the tree. i asked him if he could see it now.
"no" he said "its camel flashed"

of course he meant camouflaged!


My nearly-three-year-old asked, "Daddy, could I have some peach tea, please, in my glass?"
Me : "But Ann, that isn't a glass; it's a beaker. A glass is made of glass."
Ten minutes later, Ann's talking to her 15-month-old sister : "No, Gaia, it's a beaker - it's made of beak." !!??!

Lizy barnes

master brummie
My Grand=daughter Morgan's school had a visit from a volunteer who worked with the homeless. and she explained what they did , and how they tried to raise funds for these people. When Morgan came out of school her mum asked how her day had been she replied that they had learnt about the hopeless people and could she have some money for the collection .


gone but not forgotten
i Lizzy
how are you fine i hope i spoke with sister inlaw last night and she remembers you well
just wanted to say i never relized maureen was your sister has know her very well
along with old freddy and his best mate johny
i have known them both for years its a small world ain, it
give my regards to her tell her old jack mate from stechford [ mannor rd ] at the atlas she will now us
best wishes astonian ;
in for a penny -in for a pound cross my heart and hope to die ;;


master brummie
This is a bit long but I will try and keep it short - we are surrogate grandparents to my ex daughter in laws son.

She and her husband (not my son) work for Air New Zealand on opposing shfts, this one day things went wrong Hayden was stuck in London and Trudie was due to fly out to Australia, Trudie arrived on the doorstep with "grandson" Andrew in tow could we look after him till Hayden got back - no problem. Usually if we kew he was coming we would remove breakable objects and things which would harm a 3 yo. This day we did not and as I was letting Trudie out the door I saw Andrew making a beeline for grandpas ivory chess set, and I yelled at him "Andrew...." and before I could get it out he said "NO" I said pardon what did you say and he looks straight up at me and says "Nan what part of No dont you understand" Other half did a swift dash to the kitchen and I had to bite my lip.

Andew is now 14 and lives in America he emailed me the other day gist was - What was it like to live in Victorian England?.....I emailed him back asked him why he said he was doing a school project, so I told him I had no idea, Oh came back the answer Dad said you would know as you would have been around then!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I love my son in law!!! just you wait till he gets over here.

This same grandson (who being an only child and bought up in adult company was a bit forward for his age) when asked by a stranger at about 2 yo where his Daddy was pointed to the sky (Hayden is a pilot) this poor woman looked at me and said oh my dear I am so sorry I did not realise his father was dead............more explaining.

I also have a step grandaughter who was a teenage model and a real raver, to go supermarket shopping with her was an education..she would delight in putting things in the trolley just to embarras me like KY jelly, condoms, incontentence pads etc one day I will get her back unfortunately she now lives in New York......but I can wait.