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South Birmingham Furnishing Co Coventry Road


master brummie
NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnershipheretofore subsisting between us, the under-signed, Gumput Woolf and Cecil Wall Mills, carry-ing on business as House Furnishers, at 424,Coventry-road, Birmingham, in, the county of War-wick, under the style or firm of the SOUTH BIR-MINGHAM FURNISHING COMPANY was dis-solved, as and from the 8th day of November, 1922,by mutual consent. All debts due to and owing bythe said late firm will be received and paid by thesaid Cecil Waif Mills, who will carry on the saidbusiness alone without partner under the same styleof the South Birmingham Furnishing Company.—Dated the 8th day of November, 1922.G. WOOLF.070 C. WALL MILLS.


master brummie
I appears that the partners either had a disagreement, a partner buy out or change of circumstances.

Some photos of this place and subsequent owners. Post 831.
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