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Ah, shame one or two looking away. Don't know when this was taken, but the girl in the dress in the front looking back could be me I suppose. (Seeing myself everywhere now in all these photos - half imagination maybe). - I seem to be in my school photo twice on the same day!!!


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Not confirmed, but chances are it might have been Alexander Stadium as the vice-president of Birchfield Harriers is seen here congratulating the winner.

I’ve seen references to the local scouts using Geo Ellison’s and Kynochs sports grounds, but I doubt they would have been used for this national cross country event. Viv.


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Yes it could well have been the grounds at the stadium before the shopping centre was built, I didn't think of that! The houses in the background didn't really look like one of the parks.

A Sparks

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I was thinking about the ground around where the dog track originally was on the other side of the road but I've probably got myself all mixed up!


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what has become of the BB. and the lifeboys..now. i miss all that banging and trumpet blowing coming down the road on a sunday morning when i was in bed...lol
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