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Sandwell Hall, Sandwell Priory


master brummie
I hear that the Sandwell Priory excavations that were unearthed under the site of Sandwell Hall, are being worked on (Oct 2013) to put them back into a reasonable state.
And I couldnt find a thread for Sandwell Hall or Priory - which seems a shame.

Its close to my early stomping ground of Handsworth and I hope thats close enought to be considered as close enough to Birmingham to be included in our forum.

I understand there was a project mid 1980's to excavate the Priory and I remember looking around there several years back.
Several monks/priors were found buried on the site and the history goes back to William the Conquerors time.
It seems the name Sandwell came from the Well spring close to the priory.


When we went there was a track leading form the car park at Sandwell Park Farm and it lead to a path over the motorway...quite a long distance for us! The ruins were ground-level with gravel in between, a few burial sites. There might be information at the Farm but we haven't been for a while, there still may be the display of artifacts available.


master brummie
Yes rosie last time I went it had the room devoted to the history of the hall and priory well worth a visit. Theres also a monks slipper pretty well intact, recovered. I think it was only £2 to get in.