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Saltley Reformatory for boys


master brummie
Still delving into family tree. Mysterious bunch they are turning out to be. Can anyone help with this search?

In the 1881 census Thomas Hands born 1873, son of Edward & Emma lived at Hunters Vale.
In the 1991 census Thomas had disappeared, on searching there seems to be a Thomas Hands in Saltley Reformatory. (What ever that was). Does anyone know how I could get info to find out if its the same Thomas that I have in the 1881 census?

Also any information on his younger sister Emma Hands, who also disappeared on further census


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Saltley Reformatory was a remand home for boys, it later became the GPO in Fordrough Lane.


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Charles Adderley endowed the Saltley Reformatory in 1853. Following a similar institution started by the Quaker reformer Joseph Sturge a year earlier, it was the first officially recognised reformatory in the UK where emphasis was placed on education and work as opposed to heavy discipline, being officially certified in 1858. It was considered that excellent results were obtained. In 1865 the cost per boy was £14.14s 8d per year, and of 50 recent discharges 68% were doing well and only 18% had re-offended. In 1908, shortly after its founder (then Lord Norton) died, the name was changed to The Norton Boys Home. The boys were moved elsewhere during WW2 and the site taken over by the Post Office


master brummie
Found the following,if it's of any help?
Deaths Sep 1897
Emma Hands aged 17 Aston 6d 326

Burial Year:1897
First names:Emma
Register no:52242
Place:Warstone Lane cemetery


master brummie
Thank you Linda, It may have also answered another queury on a Lillian Redhall who is on the 1901 census. We couldn't work out whose child she could have been, but if Emma if the right one, she could have died in childbirth. Would a death certificate help I wonder?
Jennyann, I did find the same web page this evening, turned out its not the same Thomas Hands, so where to I don't know from the 1991 census onwards.


master brummie
Hi jdn5764:Lilian's birth cert would give parentage!
Births Mar 1898
Lilian Martha Reddall Birmingham 6d 119