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Saltley & Alum Rock


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Great photos of Belchers Lane and Alum Rock Road. Going by the poster for The Unholy Three the second one is about 1930.

Is there supposed to be a photo in post 181?


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A couple more photos of Adderley Rd, one showing a number 8 bus passing by Wilkinsons Rolling Mills, one of an early version of The Olive Branch and one of an outdoor at No 39.

I suppose there's no date for the photo of 39 Adderley Road is there? My grandfather's brother and his family were listed as living at No 41 Adderley Road in the 1911 census. He was a Gas Stoker but his wife was listed as 'Refreshment House Keeper (Fried Fish Shop) at home' which I'm guessing might have been a fish & chip shop, if they existed at that time.



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They are L-R Michael Partridge, Margaret Partridge, Margaret Thompson, David Maul boy sitting is Margarets brother David Thompson.

Hi Wendy,

I think I may know the Dave Thompson in the photograph. We worked together at Royal Mail Head Post Office for many years. When I met him there we discovered we were in the same class at St. Saviours CoE school but we didn't remember each other. We were also born on exactly the same day 1951 would seem about right - he'd be about 5 there.
He is one of the nicest blokes I have met. It must have been our Christian schooling!! Paul

Norton Hall

proper brummie kid
Hi to All
I work for Norton Hall in Ralph Road which is now a Children & Family Centre. It started off as a nursery approx 30+ years ago. We are about to embark on a facinating project called "Saltley Stories" looking at the Saltley area and how it has evolved from the the early 60's.

As part of the project we would like to get in touch with people who lived in the area from the 60's onwards to get an insight as to how life was then. We'd also like to share old photographs and possibly recreate new ones.

The project will culminate with an exhibition that will share and bring to the forefront the life and times of Saltley residents and all material will be archived at the Central Library for future use.

It would be great to hear from anyone with a story to tell or images to share.

Hoping to hear from you all soon.


proper brummie kid
Hello, Nayer,

I am pleased that you are setting up the exhibition. However, I was born over my grandmother's shop at 79 Adderley Road, Mrs Edwards, in 1937 and being so ancient I fall outside your age limits. Sadly, I also have no photographs of the area that might be of use to you. If you know of any that were taken in the 40s and 50s I would be most grateful if you would tell me of them.

I shall follow your progress with interest.

Good luck,



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I remember the shop in Adderly Road. I was born at 33 my grandmother lived there from the early 1900's until it was demolished and she was moved into Victor Tower in Nechells


My husband lived in Ralph Road but moved out in the late 50's so not in your time zone.


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My grandads friend Fred Chambers had a corner shop near Ralph Road or close to the swimming baths .I remember that they used to make some tickets with numbers inside that were used as some form of lottery.The tickets had a tear of strip around the edge and Freds wife Sarah would use a machine to seal the edges.


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Thanks cupofteabiscuit and Brookieboy for repyling to my request for Saltley info and pictures. My Mother's maiden name was Large ..they were a 'large' family in Saltley. If anyone has any info on them. The shool they went ..that would be great. The children were put into a Banardos home at one point and treated badly. Mom died 4 years ago.... tragic we don't talk more about the old times to them in their late years. I do have a lot of information and memories. But like all that generation she had a whole history in her pocket. I know I shouldn't say it, not PC ...but Birmigham has been butchered and sacrificed (like a lot of places) for the some recent nations that gave nothing to it. When I was a child there was poverty and slums ...now it is slums out of choice of living. I dare not go on. I guess we just have to hold fast to the old heart of Brum and wish her well.

Norton Hall

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Hi All
Norton Hall (Ralph Road) are working on a project called "Saltley Stories" which aims to capture the "stories" of individuals who have lived or worked in the area over the past 40 - 50 years.

As part of the project we are seeking individuals who would like to interviewed and share their "stories" and photographs of the area.

We are also trying to identify individuals from photographs taken in the 70's. If anyone recognises someone in the photographs then please do let us know. It would be great to trace them and possibly re-create the images.

All material will be archived at Birmingham Central Libray for access by generations to come. This is a fantastic unique opportunity to become part of the history of Saltley.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

David & Nayer

Norton Hall

proper brummie kid

Rob Scott

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#195 - This one I believe is Wilson's newsagents in College Road, the photo was definitely 1976 as Mother's Day fell on the 28th March that year, the only time since 1965. Rob.
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Saltley Hall was at the back of the houses on Ash Road. The house was gone when I was small, but, the stables and some old columns from the house remained. The stables and other out buildings had small factories and workshops in them. My mom used to work in one of them before I was born, painting grain on trunks. As my house was next to the 'opening' to Saltley Hall, I used to play in the grounds a lot. Houses were built on the land (in the 80s) which is now called Ashley Gardens.


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My great grandfather owned the tin trunk factory,his name was Thomas Owen Cole,I don't remember him though,he died when I was about 7,but I do recall visiting there once or twice in the late 1940's,I can still smell that paint !