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rowlands bakery ownership

Robert Ensor (bob)

master brummie
We have no clue who the lad in the photo is , our dad then worked for Allied Bakery West Bromwich until he retired in 1985.
Well it's still a great photograph, your dad with his satchel over his shoulder.
Remember most all the door to door delivery people had one.
How about the word " satchel " that should take some of us back to school

Hughes 21

New Member
I saw mention of Rowlands Bakery some time ago.My grandfather was Philip Rowlands, he owned the bakery and lived at a house called Leaholme on Short Heath Road. He had 13 children, one was my mum and one my aunt who is the sole survivor aged 99. She is still bright and active, lives in her own house without social services help and is looking forward to her hundredth birthday. She was offered a helicopter ride to mark the occasion but turned it down after some thought- her friend said because it would mess up her hair!
I think the bakery was eventually sold to Allied bakeries- none of the family wanted to take it on.


A Brummie Dude
There was a comedy programme (or maybe a film) which featured a horse. The horse was commandeered to haul something, possibly a gun, but kept stopping as the journey apparently was on he milk round. :laughing: It could have been a Dad's Army programme.
it was Alan. the museum pieces

Malcolm Day

New Member
Regarding Rowlands Bakery/ Lea Holme (mentioned 26/12/2019 & elsewhere) - Philip Rowlands was my Grandfather as well, so that makes 3 of us on this site. All his 13 children who grew to be adults are now dead, and I know there must be cousins I haven't met! But I'm 80 in March so time is running out,,,,,,,,,,so please get in touch - I live near Ringwood, Hants.