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Roscoe Butchers Shop Ladypool Rd


master brummie
I have discovered from some kind people on this site that a friends grandfather lived at 68 :thumbsup:Ladypool Rd, I would like to know if this was their residence or a shop as I know he was a butcher/slaughterman, around 1930's onwards. Ruscoe family name. When we used to visit the son of this person, he always showed us a butchers knife which was actually used in the shop and was many years old, but when he passed on his then partner had dumped a lot of these possessions in the bin before we got a chance to 'save' them.


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You don't say when you are talking about. The electoral rolls list Samuel and Ruth dorothy Roscoe at 68 Ladypool road, the only ones listed in the road 1920-55. They are at 6 Wyndhurst rd from 1935 . It does not seem to list a no 6 ladypool road The 1921 directory does not list no 6, but 58 is Mrs Ruth roscoe. dressmaker.


master brummie
I think Kev meant 68 not 6 ladypool road:)
In 1921 Ruth Ruscoe is at 68 Ladypool Road, Dressmaker.