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Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished


master brummie
Hi Brookieboy, yes it was the one in Hockley and I was there from 1951 - 1957, my other 2 brothers were there from 1943 - 1949 and 1946 - 1953. When were you there? The dreaded Miss Cole.

paul stacey

master brummie
I remember those school tokens for ("School dinners"), they used them at our school it discriminated against the poorer pupils we never minded though so many of us in Brum in the 50's.

pete sword

proper brummie kid
Just came across this thread. Coincidence, have long thought myself about making a record of bygone schools and their uniforms and badges. Maybe a very brief history of each. Will have to wait till I retire (if ever). It was prompted by noting how some schools I know have changed their school badges, and the colours of their uniform etc., and of course noting old schools disappearing.


master brummie
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proper brummie kid
i was also at Bordesley Tech 1960-65,fond memories of killer(metalwork) ,Nunky ( physics),Pichler (PE).......happy Days?
regards Frank


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This info comes from the National Archives.
Lower Windsor Street Board School opened in 1874 with accommodation for 1034 boys, girls and infants. A workshop was provided in 1893, which was enlarged in 1911. The school was substantially altered and reorganised in 1928 into three departments for senior boys, junior mixed and infants. Further accommodation was provided in the former Windsor Street Temporary Council School which became part of this school in 1931 [see S217]. The Senior Boys Department closed in 1939 and the Junior Mixed and Infants Departments united in 1940. The name of the school was changed in 1954. It closed and the buildings were demolished in 1963. The school was replaced by Vauxhall Gardens Primary School which opened in September 1963 [see S206]

Fox Street Board School opened in 1877 replacing Fox Street Temporary Board School. It provided accommodation in three departments for boys, girls and infants. The School was reorganised in 1928 into three departments for senior girls, junior mixed and infants and again in 1932-34 into two departments for senior girls and junior and infants. The Junior & Infant Department closed in 1941 and the Senior Girls Department closed in 1943. It was renamed from Fox Street Council School to Grosvenor Street Council School in 1932.


Brummie babby
Lea Village Secondary Modern Boys School, I attended Lea Village School from 1947 to 1957, but look it up on the internet and it appears it never existed, I recently joined facebook and when i entered the school i attended i was informed it was not valid ? The only school they seem to accept is Lea Village " Mirfield " School which is NOT the school i attended. I also still have the school badge from my old blazer plus copies of the school magazine called " The Leader " So where are all the the boys that attended LEA VILLAGE SECONDARY MODERN BOYS SCHOOL ? p.s There was also a girls school.

Edit. A link to Lea Village Boys Secondary Modern School thread is here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/for...a-village-boys-secondary-modern-school.48209/

Edit. Link to Lea Village Girls Secondary Modern School thread is here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/for...ondary-modern-girls-school.44258/#post-574872
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Gone, but not forgotten.

Oakley Road School is still there today, but it is now part of Holy Trinity Catholic Media Arts College. That is partly in Oakley Rd and partly in Cooksey Rd and runs through to Bolton Rd.


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