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Lucas Aldridge Road, Perry Barr (Nr Lucas Sportsground)


Brummie babby
My grandfather, Henry James Gill, worked for the Lucas factory for 30 years before retiring on ill health grounds at the age of 63 in about 1980. I understand he worked at the factory in Hockley before it moved to the site at Perry Barr. He recieived a gold plated watch for his years of service. I would be keen to locate any photographs of the Perry Barr site and hear any stories that people may have of working there.

mike jenks

master brummie

Well once again another Thread lost in time. All those thousands of ex Lucas
Workers unable to help due to the stupid System of the way threads are constructed.
Yep still there under the Ownership of TRW Lucas sold out to them in respect to
Jackie Hill via Lucas Memories has a Super Web site but hasn't anything on this Plant.
Nearly gave up but thumbing through Gordon Bunces book I found Jackie and Betty's
retirement of 1985 and 1990. It shows the huge plant where your Grandad worked.
My cousin worked there for a number of years.
There are hundreds of threads that should be covered via LUCAS a Similar problem
exists with ICI IMI or variations of KYNOCHS.
I must admit your Title covers the Subject. I will post it on to Jackie Hill

Mike Jenks


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The buck stops here
Staff member
Mike, neither myself or any of the moderators have any idea what you are talking about, our threads on here have nothing to do with Jackie Hills site which is managed by someone else.


Brummie babby
Hi there Mike. The photos are great - a real snapshot in time. I'm sure my grandfather would have known them in some capacity! Thanks for posting my enquiry on to Jackie Hill.