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Golden Boys


master brummie
This how they did look when I left in 1957 for the USA I think the City should remove the gold and bring them back to the original finish. By the way I had to laff when Mr Bloye was working on them The three male models in full costume would be out back of the studio smoking fags and joking around. Is anyone else, who is a member of this group, that worked for Mr Bloye, the same time I did 1948 (Age 15) to 1951 (when I went in the RAF) I would love to swap stories. Of course, I was the youngest there then, so most are probably long gone now
oldbrit talking of fags I remember one New Years Day early 60's as I walked past the three gents the middle one had got a Park Drive packet mounted on his finger that some prankster had put there on New Years Eve .


Brummie babby
Could be a long wait, The 'Positively BIRMINGHAM' walking tours poster on a hoarding between Symphony Hall and the fountains, the bottom line mentions back on plinth to Symphony Hall once building work completes in 2020 and that starts after the tram lines and surroundings have finished. Shame it spoils Watt's
bicentenary of his death, so recommend Watt in the World: The Life & Legacy of James Watt (1836 - 1819) now on at the Library of Birmingham until 2nd November, once you can find any signpost in the library [it's on the 3rd floor].



Staff member
yes stapes i agree its a pity that the powers that be could not see their way clear to putting back the 3 wise men in time for the becentenary of a great mans death...to be honest they most likely dont even know about it such is the rush to get all the work finished in time for the commonweath games in 2022..that must come first regardless:mad:

all the best



ell brown on Flickr
Due to return in September 2020. As it's too close to the Symphony Hall redevelopment.

Iconic 'Golden Boys' statue to stay in storage in Brum - for now



ell brown on Flickr
For the attention of Old Brit:

There is already a plinth in Centenary Square, but it falls within the site of the Symphony Hall foyer refurbishment. Which will carry on well into 2020. Look to the left of this photo, can you see the plinth?

A few other views of Symphony Hall. This was in October 2019.

Behind Ice Skate Birmingham.



ell brown on Flickr
Would assume they will be pointing outwards towards Broad Street (although it's now Centenary Square at this end).


master brummie
Is there anything left of the Downtown Birmingham, I knew in 1957 when I left?
The Town Hall, The Council House and Museum/Art Gallery, the Cathedral, much of Colmore Row and the streets off that area, St Martins Church (but not the Bull Ring), the Victoria Law Courts and......er I can't think of anywhere else at the moment.
Those of us who stayed are now on our third Bull Ring.


Ex-pat Brummie
Probably like you, John, I used to cycle around town in the evenings from Kings Heath - Moseley - Balsall Heath - Icknield Port Road and so on into the centre and back, but once you've left Moseley, I don't think there's an awful lot left that is recognisable.

Maurice :cool:


ell brown on Flickr
Do you recognise this? St Philip's Cathedral after it got dark earlier this evening.

Is a lot of surviving Victorian buildings. Many have been restored, and probably look better now than 50 to 60 years ago (cleaner at least).


OldBrit in Exile
Thank you all for the comments on the "Golden Boys" AS a youngster at the time, I was honoured to be a very small part of this and the history of Brum.


master brummie
I made very regular trips into the city - it was where it all seemed to be happening it seemed. There was tremendous interest around every corner and up all the side streets and alleyways in most parts of the city. I don't think the modern place -(Brum is not alone here) is as interesting with very angular buildings - some very tall - all over the place, but the suburbs probably have their charm I guess.


Brummie babby
Zoom in to the empty plinth of the future site of the Boulton, Watt & Murdoch statue within the construction area of the Symphony Hall new foyer.

Looks like a good location, and they won’t be facing SH. Now wondering which way round would be best when the new extension is built.