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Fisher & Ludlows factory


master brummie
Anyone remember my Dad William Roydes, he worked there as an Inspection Foreman in the body shop from the early 50's until he retired in 1979. I have his engraved long service gold watch from "British Leyland" as it was by the time he had done his 25 years. He wore it righ up until he died last year.

When I was about 4 we used to go to the Social Club every Saturday night in my Dads Austin A30 with no heater. I remember the Inside of the windows used to ice up in the winter !

I also remember he gave me a sixpence to have a go on the one armed bandit, and I won the jackpot, I think it was £25 in sixpences, there were so many we had to wrap them in a bar towel !!


master brummie
I can remember Fishers having a factory in Bradford Street, I used to pass it every day on the 13a or 24 from Yardley Wood, in the summer they had
the big doors open, to cool the place down I should think! The size of the
the presses, they were massive, cheers Bernard


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Zak14 I wouldn't remember your Dad but my Uncle Jim worked there till he retired can't remember when, but he was there in the 1960s


My Father, Edmund (Eddie) Haldon worked at Castle Bromwich during late 1950s, 1960s and took redundancy about 1975. He was a Sheet Metal Worker and he worked in "E" Block. He was also a Shop Steward during some of his time there. I also worked in the Offices there early 1960s - married name Hensey. We lived in Sheldon at the time.


master brummie
i worked there from 1968 to 1979 as a sheet metal worker i worked in E block before going to I block the experimental dept making prototype car bodies, i don't recognize your dads name.

Carol Watts

My dad, Athur Keenan worked at Fishers. The social club was brilliant, we used to go there on St Patricks night.


gone but not forgotten
Post WW2, The F & L factory produced Bendix Washing M/cs and Stainless Steel Sinks etc. Len.


master brummie
Carol Watts,
The social club was brilliant i would go their dancing every saturday night they would have a differant band each week and they all had good dance tempo.


master brummie
i worked in the same block as the tool makers ( I ) block i worked in the experimental building the prototypes i had more to do with the patern makers which were also in (I) block i was their from 1968 to 1979.
Hi Frederick.. You may know one of the Apprentice Patternmaker... surname Morris his Father was a Patternmaker with me at Fort Dunlop


master brummie
It was all a long time ago and i forgotten the names of some of the lads i worked with, there was one man i remember the name of his name was Alf he made a guitar in the pattern shop and he also played the ukulele, i live in Pembrokeshire now a coulpe of years ago i was talking to a local nurse/sister and what came out was that Alf was her uncle and i had a chat with him through her she was phoning him and passing the coversation to and froe he would be in his late 70s now and thats about it.

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master brummie
Just found this thread and wondered if anyone would remember my Dad, George Bowen.
He worked there from early 50's till 1984 when he retired.
He got to know many people as he worked in what was then known as the welfare department or personnel.
He was responsible for the birmingham hospital saturday fund and also the pensioners outings.
I have many photos somewhere if anyone's interested.


My Son's Father In Law worked at Fishers and recently had to retire from Jag due to problems with his ankle. Name is Ray Orme.


master brummie
Hello Ray, I would be interested in seeing some photos. You never know, I might recognize my granddad Harry Fellows. He worked there during the 50's and 60's. I think he was a fitter
Thanks much


master brummie
My Father in Law worked at Fishers (George Mann) up to the seventies, think he was a foreman toolmaker. I remember that he worked permanent nights and used to only have to go in for a few hours on a Friday night then off to the Toby Jug.
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master brummie
To everyone who's shown an interest in the photots-at the moment they are somewhere in the loft!
It may be a week or two before they go on the computer-please bear with me.

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master brummie
Better late than never - I've finally found the photos that I promised.

I think this was around 1970, My Dad used to organise the F & L Pensioner outings as a Welfare Officer working for the Company.

Fisher & Ludlow Snooker Team
My name is Janet Lane. I worked as a receiptionist in Ashold Farm Road, for the above section. I remember all of the people mentioned. I then worked as a Secretary for Ted Solly and Norman Shuck. I worked there between 1968 to 1972 when I left to have my Son. I am still friends and incontact with Wilf Stokes Secretary Marg Bullock, she is now 86 and lives in Bromsgrove. I was also Friends with Stan Cooks Secretary, Jessie, until her death in 1978 or thereabouts.
Is Sue Wilson out there anywhere, or any of the other girls off Mr. Tovey's section.