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Fisher & Ludlows factory


master brummie
I have not seen the Fisher & Ludlows factory as a main topic, so I thought I would start a thread for those who may have worked there or remember people who did.
My Grandfather worked there after the War, he worked throughout the 1950's, and 1960's in the tool making area, I believe.
His name was Harry George Fellows. He preferred to be called Harry, but some people called him George. Anyone old enough to remember the name? He was born in 1905, served in India in the 1920's, and was in the air force during the war.
When retiring from Fisher low' he received the proverbial gold watch!
All the best,
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Pauline walker

HI Kevin,
I worked at F.L. in the 50s and I left in 1960 to get married. In those days when you got married it was quite normal to give up working. I started as a clerk in the transport office and I was taking pitmans shorthand lessons after work. I was very lucky, because of this I was promoted the the Cost & Damage Managers secretary. Which entailed going on to the factory floor with my boss, and taking down in shorthand the extent of any damage occuring on the shop floor. We also used to take pictures of the damage. Those were very happy days my boss was called Alan Whittaker and I often wondered what happened to him. I made many friends during my time there but sadly as the years go by you seem to loose touch. I had not thought about F.L until I read your post. I am sure there will be lots of people with lots of mermories . Names I remeber, George Bousefield who worked with Alan & me and from the transport office, Gwen, Pat, Brenda, Stan Appleby,Shelia and Thelma, Thanks Kevin for jogging my memory.


master brummie
Hello. My uncle worked at Fisher's his name was Alfred John Hickman don't know which department he worked in but was there for many years.


master brummie
hi Fellowkev,

i worked there from 1968 to 1979 i wored in the experimental Dept building the prototypes very interesting job from a flat sheet of metal to a finished car


master brummie
My father, a sheet metal worker worked at Fisher & Ludlow - I'm not sure when, I think it was after the war as I can remember him talking about it.


gone but not forgotten
My Friends Mother, Mrs. Benfield got me a Stainless Steel Sink from F & L, Bordesley circa 1968.


master brummie
I didn't work there, but they had a very good social club, and I went there many times to dances and "free and easy" nights in the 1960s.


master brummie
the social club during the 70s i was there every saturday night for the dances it was an exelent night out.


master brummie
Sylvia I still go to the dances at F & L (now the Jag) evry saturday and sunday night or sometimes go in the Free and Easy room it's brilliant!


One of Fisher and Ludlow's Castle Bromwich shop-floor creations, made sometime between 1954 and 1962. Still running, and exhibited at nostalgia-car rallies in the Midlands.


If anyone remembers CHARLES MURRAY 1950 1970 A shop steward at F & L please let me know.


master brummie
My grandad worked there during the war , he was a sheet metal worker and worked on the spitfire panel production. His name Charles Henry Field.


I do remember either picking up or delivering at F & L. but I was on general freight so it would have been normal type goods because purpose built vehicles were required to carry anything that was assembled. My visits there were very infrequent so I cant help.

jean nesbitt

My late brother in law worked there John Catley not sure when. Does anyone remember Harrisons the polishers in Digbeth i was in what used to be called the Institute... my step father Percy Haines worked there I remember going to xmas party and seeing Santa there .

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master brummie
My late father and brother used to work at Fisher and Ludlow.My dad's name was Jack Blundell,and my brother's name Jim.My dad started with them as a tool maker before WW2,when (I think) they had a factory in Bordesley.
With the outbreak of the war-he was put in a reserved occupation and shipped off to Coalbrookdale in Shropshire to help Fisher & Ludlow with the set up and manufacture of wings for Lancaster bombers.The last wing rolled out on 1 June 1945.
After the war he went to Castle Bromwich from where he retired in 1982.
Some names I remember my dad mentioning were:
Stan Cooks,Len Crowther,Wilf Stokes,Ted Hands,Don Breeze,Bob Fort,Percy Glover.
My brother remembered doing some tool room training under Bert Bayliss-who was the scourge of young apprentices!


master brummie
i worked in the same block as the tool makers ( I ) block i worked in the experimental building the prototypes i had more to do with the patern makers which were also in (I) block i was their from 1968 to 1979.


master brummie
My Dad worked there on Spitfire and other aircraft production during the war. I've probably mentioned it in the Castle Bromwich Airfield thread. I was very young then and remember him talking about a young lady who used work with him on panels and riveting work - can't remember her name.