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Coleshill Terrace Saltley Little Hamlet


george 1st
Hello again Everyone.
I am tracing the birthplace of my Family and believe that I discovered they were at one time living in Coleshill. I found this information in the 1841 census several years ago and it seemed that Coleshill came under Little Hamlet Saltley.
I think it comprised just a number of houses ,about 8 in total one of which was rented by my Gt. Grandfather Thomas William Green
Born 1834.
I seem to recollect that the Census 1841 gave the address of his house as 'Carvers' which I can only assume was the name of the house owners.
Now years later the same Census year gives the area as Small Heath.
Keep Safe !!
Leslie Green


master brummie
Coleshill & Saltley are not close to each other.

Did find a Thomas Green, son of Thomas & Ann, living in Saltley in 1841 and Coleshill Terrace in 1851 which ran off High St, Saltley.
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george 1st
Thanks once again for your rapid response.
About the mistake on where to direct my enquiry to. Thanks fo redirecting!
The information you gave me about my Gt Grandparents proved interesting as I have Gt Grandmother Sarah Mewis I see that she must have been a Sarah Ann Mewis.
Your assistance is much appreciated and the reference to Coleshill Terrace seems to give me an explanation as to my confusion.
Leslie Green:)