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Coaching Inns in the 19th century


Brummie babby
A stagecoach named The Wonder journeyed from Shrewsbury to London in a day. Famous passengers included Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens.
I am planning a cycle ride to retrace the route and have obtained a stagecoach timetable that says The Wonder would stop in Birmingham and obtain fresh horses before riding to its next staging post in Coventry.
Do any members of this forum know the name of the Birmingham coaching Inn that this stagecoach may have used. I am assuming the Inn would be in the city centre.
Your advice will be welcomed. Thank you - Joe


master brummie
I gather the stagecoach left from the Lion Hotel in Shrewsbury. Its main journey presumably would be along Watling Street - the A5.
There were probably many coaching inns in Birmingham, most are mentioned in one of the many thread here.
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From the 1841 Pigot's Birmingham directory:
To SHREWSBURY, the Holyhead Royal
Mail, from the Swan, the Castle and
the Nelson Offices, every morning at
half-past two—-the Greybound at halfpast
eight—the Wonder from 'the Hen
and Chickens. everv' afternoon at
half-past two—and the Stag (Sunday
excepted) at five; all go through Wolverhampton,
Shiffnall, and Wellington.


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Here’s a link about the Hen & Chickens. The building is no longer there. Viv.


Brummie babby
Thank you for thinking of me !
I will have to use google street map to look in detail at the route and seek safer alternatives and times of cycling to avoid the danger of busy roads that don't segregate me from traffic.


Brummie babby
Certainly, with greatest of pleasure - its the least I can do.
The journey will begin at the end of this month with a 'taster-ride' from The Lion Hotel in Shrewsbury visiting the coach staging posts to Wolverhampton. I will then post a link to my cycling blog for that part of journey for forum members to read, then in June I will proceed from Wolverhampton to London.
I am so grateful for all the helpful comments posted by the forum. These will avoid my ignorance resulting in errors !
Nice blog. You will have to let me know your June dates - if I am around I could ride a few kilometres with you. This winter I have been preparing a touring bike for the summer. I found it unloved on e-bay and restored it. Actually, the only bit I didn't replace was the frame! It is now almost completely titanium.



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So, Snow Hill/London: £100 inside, £50 outside; Birmingham/Bristol: £25 outside; Birmingham/Liverpool: £90 inside; Birmingham/Shrewsbury: £18 outside. Luggage around 30p per lb.



Brummie babby
Due to the serious nature of Coronavirus I have decided to postpone my bicycle ride along the route of The Wonder until the autumn. Once the ride has been completed I will post a link to my cycling blog with the story of this adventure. I hope you all stay healthy and happy in the months ahead - Joe