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Cadbury's Bournville Factory

Anne Jessel

master brummie
Queen's Visit 1955

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visit Bourneville, 3rd November 1955. On behalf of the Bourneville community, Doris Cooke of Cadbury's Women's Council, present a specially designed casket.

George Wheeler

master brummie
Cadburys clanger

In the early sixties my neighbour worked for Schweppes at Castle Bromwich when they were taken over by Cadburys she told me that Cadbury were most upset when they reailsed they had not done their homework properly. Here was a Quaker family, opposed to alcohol (no pubs in Bournville) buying what they thought was a soft drinks company. Schweppes were the importers and bottlers of Martini

George Wheeler

master brummie

I seem to remember they came up with some waffle about it being an associate company and not really part of the Cadbury group.
The Quakers had a lot of influence in the running of Birmingham, when I left in 1965 I think the six day licence was still in force, you could not play live music in a pub on a Sunday, we used to go to Sutton Coldfield, certain films could not be shown on a Sunday.
Was there not a recent rumpus when Tesco applied for an off licence on the borders of Bourneville?

It went from bad to worse for me when in1965 I moved to Guernsey,there you can't drink or buy petrol on Sunday


master brummie
George, I'm with Williams on this one, Sunday's nowadays are just as bad for traffic as any other day, and I'm definitely against Sunday trading. I can remember when I was young it was frowned upon to hang your washing out on Sundays, I wouldn't go that far, but I think we all need a day when things are taken at a gentler pace.

George Wheeler

master brummie

But these same people expect to be fed on a Sunday when on holiday and travel on a Sunday. I had to work on a Sunday when I was with an airline and when I was a guest house proprietor. You can't have it both ways.


Gone, but not forgotten.
Cadbury's Bourneville

I've been told the only place you can buy an alcoholic drink in Bournville is in Cadbury's social club. I don't know how true that is but hows that for hypocrisy.


pmc1947 (Phil).

George Wheeler

master brummie
Drinks at Cadburys Social Club

You are probably right about the social club drinking. The social club is listed on several web sites as a venue for musical events, I can't imagine it being a teetotal venue.



master brummie
My husbands family all worked for Cadbury's, his mom a box maker his aunt in wages and his dad was the family chauffeur.

Here are one or two photos, I will post more. We have a thunder storm and I have to turn off the computer before we have a power cut which we nearly always do.

View attachment 8861View attachment 8862View attachment 8863
Bournville College - Bournville Junior School - Bournville Park
The power cut beat me too it, although only brief.

Here is my husbands parents home 3 Linden Road. We took this in 2005. Things have changed around by the green and Cadbury's. We used to go to the Maypole dancing on the cricket pitch every year and as you know there was or maybe still is a swimming pool there.
View attachment 8876
I worked in Sales Marketing from 1969 after we were married and moved to Northfield until our son was born in 1972. It was a nice place to work although still very much in the past at that time, things started to change while I was there. Lunch times were a pleasure either n the gardens or down on Bournville Green with my friend. The Carillon was one of my favourite places.View attachment 8878
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Cadburys Tasmania

Do you all know that Hobart in Tasmania has a Cadburys Estate and factory?

In around 1967 I boarded with a lady (a widow and her son) who lived "on Cadbury Estate" at Claremont in Hobart Tasmania, Australia.
So there you go another link with Brumm.

Cadbury factory is still there attracting many tourists and it's about 20 minutes drive from where I live.


Anne Jessel

master brummie
Multi Cadbury Estates

Well what a bonus! Are there any other Cadbury's anywhere in the world I wonder. Thanks for that info. I'll track it down on the net and read with interest. Thanks Kate.
Do you miss Brum?
My hubby and I are visiting my big sister and husband and family in Adelaide at Christmas. At first she was awfully homesick, but has now become very settled especially as 5 of her children and their families have made the move, and the other two are making plans. She's been there for 21 years now.
I will be taking her the book "Memories of West Bromwich" and also ensuring she at last sets herself up with a computer so that she can read and contribute to websites like this plus all the other bonus's. She's such a forwards person but she still prefers snail mail! Amazing.

Anne Jessel

master brummie
Cadbury's Galore

Anymore? Chocoholics.
Does anyone collect the Cadbury Tins. Some packages never cange do they?
I'll start off with the ROSES.


master brummie
Staff member
Hi Anne: Don't have any old Cadbury tins but I do remember some of them from years ago. I do have a recent Cadbury's biscuit tin I bought last Christmas. The contents were nice but there wasn't enough of the biscuits in the tin I thought.

Don't get me going on the subject of the present day quality of well known brands of British biscuits.:(