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Bsa Factory Early Years To Late 1800s


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Edit. This thread is about the Birmingham Small Arms factory from its early days until the late 1800s. For discussion about the factory in other periods please see the thread links here:

BSA in the 1900s - 1930s https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/birmingham-small-arms-1900s-1930s.3009/

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Birmingham Small Arms - John, and Jerry will be doing a write up soon, on the Small Heath Site, about the BSA.
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Eric Gibson

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It might interest you to know that in the American civil war museum at Gettysburg there is a collection of guns and plaque on the wall says that Birmingham Small Arms supplied weapons to both sides and the opposing sides each tried to buy up all the guns BSA could produce to deprive the opposition of supplies.
BSA supplied around 50,000 guns to each side. E.


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if you come along from walford rd from the stratford rdheading towards golden hillock rd there a church on the right hand side of you at the junction on your left hand side where the no 8 bus stops you emediatily turn left on to golden hilock rd
well as you have just turned left you pas a row of little cottage house there was more then in them dys but the marjority have been demolished and those little house was provided by the bsa in the days gone bye for its employees in the early years
probaly before the first war but they was built for the employees of the bsa,
just like some of the cadbury workers had for there employers
best wishes astonian ;;


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First image: The factory in 1862 is marked in the black square (edited). The whole image shows how vast the factory became.


And workers leaving the factory in 1907. Viv.



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Viv, the Small Heath drawing that you posted, does show not the vastness of the factory in 1862. if you look to the upper left hand side you will see the size of the factory in 1862 highlighted. Sorry to nitpick, but I was curious as to how the picture I posted in post #13, could have been so different.
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Another image of workers leaving the factory after a shift, scenes like this were commonplace at one time. It's something we hardly ever see today.

Small Heath BSA Armoury Rd.JPG


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adap2it, or Vivienne14 (or anyone else, thank you).

Can you please advise bibliographical details for the "The factory in 1862" plate in Post #7?

adap2it (or anyone else, thank you).

Can you please advise bibliographical details for the photograph in Post #6?