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Black Country Museum


Brummie Dude
Black Country Museum 1992, what type of bridge?

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This is The Lifting Bridge.

It was built between the Ironworks and the Boatdock was built across the railway transhipment basin at Lloyds Proving House near Factory Junction in Tipton. Huge weights near hanging on chains over the four pulleys balance the weight of the roadway, and the deck can be raised and lowered by operating a small hand-winch,

The Lifting Bridge guards the entrance to the museum arm and prevents boats being removed. The flat deck of the bridge makes it easier for vehicles to cross the canal than if a fixed humpback bridge was used.


master brummie
A better description of the lift bridge would be Factory railway interchange basin, which was built for the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway and became GWR and then BR before closure. The bridge provided access to the central island between the two basins.


Staff member
hi folks for those of you who hold the yearly passes and dont already know the museum has said that passes will be back dated from the day that the museum had to close so that is nice to know...looking forward to visiting again :)