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Birmingham Christmas Quiz.


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I agree - that was why I tried Harborne as it is still fairly narrow and has a lot of pubs. I didn't spot the pubs on the photo but Phil mentioned them in post #25. I was also unsure whether he meant it was actually called "High Street" or just the main shopping street.


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Belmont Row was certainly a part of Ashted Locks./ so are you giving that as your answer?


Don't forget that these are old photos, so look again at some of the places you looked at, remembering it is at the start of a High Street coming on from town looking back the way you have come.


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Yes, though they appear to be called East Locks from what I can see on Google Street View.



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I cheated with my answer in post#4 :cool:

I dragged Pic 1 into Google's Image Search and within seconds sneaky old Google told me where it was ... :D
It doesn't work for all images (even Google is not that smart) but it worked for Pic 5 but I kept quiet about that one.

I think Google Streetview has probably been working hard on this thread so my slightly different use of Google wasn't so bad after all ...;)


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Here are the answers to our Little Christmas quiz, with the name if the first person to get each question correct.

1. Barltley Green Village 1933 OldMowhawk

2. St Martins south porch entrance Two

3. Ashted Locks sospiri

4. St Barnabus Balsall Heath Two

5. Top of Rose Hill Rednal farmerdave

6. A R Tozer Chief Fire Officer Two

7. John Rodgers bust St Johns Church Two

8. William Hutton Two

9. Sutton Coldfield High St Lady Penelope

10. Harborne High Street pjmburns

So Two is the winner with 5 correct answers and Oldmohawk, sospiri, farmerdave, Lady Penelope & pjmburns are all equal runners up with 1 each.

Well done to you all and thanks to everybody who took part,



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It’s that time of year again time for the Birmingham History Forum Christmas Quiz, it’s a quiz that is about Birmingham only. All the answers are Birmingham related. Looking from left to right the first photo is number one and number ten is centre bottom. So if you find yourself at a loose end over the next couple of days see how many you can answer.

As usual I won’t give any answers until they have all been answered and at that time I will list who answered what first correctly .

So have a merry Christmas each and don’t over indulge in whatever your fancy is.

1. What is the connection between these two buildings?

2. Who is this?

3. Where is this?

4. Who is this?

5. Where is this?

6. Who is this and why is he connected to Birmingham?

7. What is the connection between these two locations?

8. Where is This?

9. Who is the gentleman and where is he?

10 Where is this?

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A good quiz. I know the answers to 1, 5 and 6 but am totally discomknockerated with the rest.
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1, Augustus Pugin was the Architect involved in both of these buildings - St Chads Cathedral, Birmingham and The Palace of Westminster.
2, Carl Wayne - Born Birmingham.


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6, Wilbert Vere Awdry - Better known as Rev W Awdry - Thomas the Tank Engine Fame - Lived in Birmingham.


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So far 4 out of the ten question have been answered correctly, 2 more have been answered and what has been said is correct but an important detail has been left out of the two answers.