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    Birmingham Hippodrome

    Okay, I know this reply is nearly a year late, but I haven't been logged in here for a while, but, Yes, he was my Dad. He died in 2008. He used to talk about Ernie Clapham, as did/does my Mom, who met my Dad while she was working in the box office in the early 60s. She used to fill in as...
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    Royalty Cinema Harborne

    My friend had a job there selling the bingo books, but seemed to spend half her time picking old ladies up off the toilet floor.
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    Birmingham Hippodrome

    My Dad actually acted as a decoy for Johnny Ray when he was at the Hippodrome in the 50s. My Dad was just a lowly stagehand then. Ray needed to get to a car outside the stage door, but the press and a crowd were hanging around. So my old man, who was the same height and build as him, and had...
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    The Stonehouse, Selly Oak/Bartley Green/Weoley Castle border.

    Gone. Bulldozed. A pile of rubble being cleared away. A lovely big pre-war pub built when everything to the west of it was still farmland. My Grandfather's old local throughout the 1950s, and a local landmark in south west Brum. I was born about two hundred yards from it, and grew up about...
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    Toyah Wilcox

    She never had a Birmingham accent in the first place. She's middle class, from a well off family and went to a private school. I was a big fan of hers when I was a kid/teen, but the "overcoming prejudice in my journey up from the streets" routine was always fake. She played at being a punk...
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    Garbett Street, Ladywood

    My paternal Grandfathers family (surname Brown) lived her from the late 1880s until about 1960. At one point they lived in about three or four houses. My dad was born there in 1928 and grew up there, left in the fifties. My Grandfathers mother was a Dugmore, who I believe were all also local...
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    Adrian Lester

    Adrian Lester, star of Hustle, the RSC and the National Theatre. Comes from South Edgbaston, grew up in the flats opposite the Earl Grey pub, back of Belgrave Road Police Station. Started off acting at the Midland Arts Centre just down the road. There are quite a few other actors from Brum...
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    Woodgate valley

    The stream that runs by Senneleys Park is the Bourn Brook. It runs through the Valley, then past Senneleys and on eastwards to Selly Oak. I don't know what the brook would be that runs from Bartley Green to Halesowen, as that is downhill from the other side of the high ground at old Woodgate...
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    Back to backs in Ladywood

    My Dad was born in the back to backs of Garbett Street in Ladywood in 1928. My Grandfather's family, name of Brown, had lived in several houses in that street since the 1880s. My Great Grandmother Mary was a Dugmore. My Grandparents, Jack and Laura Brown, moved in several doors down from his...
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    Cheslin - Balsall Heath/Highgate

    Anybody descended from the Cheslins who lived in Balsall Heath and Highgate areas from the late 1800s through to after the war? Also Powell, from the same area, who one of the Cheslins married into.
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    Birmingham Hippodrome

    My dad was the Stage Manager of the Hippodrome in the 70s (He worked there from the 50s to about 1980). I inherited all his memorabillia (30 years worth!) when he died a few years ago.
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    Quinton Danillo Essoldo etc etc etc!!

    I moved to Quinton aged 4 in 1972. It was the Classic then, and I still call it that now. I never called it the Cannon, the Odeon, the ABC or the Reel. I will always call it the Classic, because your childhood influences always stick. It never looked right as an Odeon, in my opinion. Odeons...
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    Selly Oak Bristol Road

    I remember the Oak cinema very early 80s just before they tore it down. It was a pale imitation of its former self by then. Shame. I think it had been closed a while by then. I vaguely remember the last remnants of the Warley Odeon as well, when I was very small. That looks like it was an...
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    Birmingham Youth Theatre

    I thought I would resurrect this request as I have started looking at it again and I never did get anywhere last time.
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    Ladywood clearance

    My Grandparents lived in Garbett Street until about 1960. They were moved out when all that end of Ladywood was coming down.